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Golf Day June …a wash out

Posted: June 23, 2009 in Golf
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golf The heavens were awoken to the news that the Fishmalt Golf Day were traveling and they aim to stop us.
7 brave folk prepared to meet the day last Sunday, only to have rain come crashing to earth.
We prayed that in Yass it would be clear and we checked the weather reports…..rain with a chance of rain.
It was not to be.

This is the 1st time Golf Day has not gone ahead and I for one, am mightily disappointed.
On to July then…..


Golf Day – June update

Posted: June 15, 2009 in Golf
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golfThis month’s Golf Day has been confirmed for this Sunday, 21st June.
It is our 1st real interstate game and our 1st full 18 hole round. Details are:

Yass Golf Club
Tee off is at 10am
There are 2 carts booked so far. One is taken by myself and Delta. The other is taken by The Snake and his ‘date’ so if you need a cart you need to book one through the pro shop.
I don’t know how much for the round or the carts. I forgot to ask =(

Handicaps are in play and look like this:
Woodsy – 0; Frog – 3; Drakkhart – 9; Big Bruce – 21; The Snake – 31 and Delta – 37. Everyone else haven’t played enough to qualify for a handicap yet.

Transport? Discuss amongst yourselves to organise transport. I have space for one and Delta has already pinched it.

Golf Day – June

Posted: May 31, 2009 in Golf
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golf Golf Day June approaches. It is our 1st interstate trip and our 1st 18 hole round.

After Golf Day May, the committee sat down to discuss where and when this event would take place. The decision has been made…

Yass Golf Club
20th – 21st June weekend.

Why Yass? Because Big Bruce is expecting a new Lil’ Bruce and can’t travel to far away from home.
Ideally I would like us to get 2 rounds in; Drive out Saturday morning early, play 18 holes, hit pub, stay in cheap hotel, Sunday morning play 9-18 hole 3 club challenge, then head home.

I am currently trying get some golf/accommodation deals going but I need to know the numbers of who would be willing to stay the evening (means more beer drinking).
So let me know.

golfGolf Day line up for 2009 is up!

Go now to check it out and start making your golfing plans!


January Belconnen Magpies 9 11th
February Capital Golf 9 8th
March Gungahlin Lakes 9 8th
April Murrumbidgee Country Club 9 12th
May Gold Creek 9 10th
June Yass 18 13-14th
July Belconnen Magpies 18 5th
August Capital Golf 18 2nd
September Gungahlin Lakes 18 6th
October Murrumbidgee Country Club 18 4th
November Gold Creek 18 1st
December Mollymook 18 5-6th