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moviebutton What the? A movie tag for the biggest online game ever?
Yep it has been in the rumour mills for years and it has finally been confirmed.
World of Warcraft has been confirmed for a 2011 release as a movie.
And Sam Raimi will direct it. I think that this is the only good part.
I once was a WoW addict and as most know a MMO addict but to this day I can not see the fascination to play WoW still. It is monotonous, it is elitist, it has no questing flavour and it is all about must have the best gear. Now they make a movie!
Well Sam Raimi makes some damn fine flicks such as Evil Dead Army of Darkness and Spiderman 2 to name a couple but WoW? Come on.
And as if any hardcore WoWer would log off to see the movie. Damn, I just imagined Cheap arse Tuesday night at a cinema when the servers are down for maintenance….*cringe*


random I have finally watch both seasons of The Guild, a web based series written by Felicia Day.
For those who don’t know who she is, slap yourself upside the head.
You may remember her in Buffy or Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-long.
Anyway, do yourself a favour and watch this stunning redhead at work. She does capture the ultimate geekgirl.
Here is a clip featuring the cast of The Guild doing, well…something.

Just had to add…you like the Guild, get a load of The Legend of Neil….and yes Felicia Day is in it, as a sex crazed fairy.

randomI have been MMO clean since August last year. I have been WoW clean for even longer.
It has been great. I save money, I speak with friends IRL, I spend more time with my wife (ok so most of its good) and then this happens.
My mate, Madman sends me links from E3 of upcoming MMOs……..I hate him now.

Jumpgate Evolution
AION The Tower of Eternity

And then Frog shows me this just to top things off…

ramblingSo I think its been 2 weeks since the latest expansion for World of Warcraft, Wrath of the Lich King was released. And I was one of the millions of lost souls who had preordered the collector’s edition but guess what.

I’m not buying it, not playing and most of all, not missing it.

So what happened to my addiction to Warhammer Online?

Well its been 3 weeks with no MMO play on that either.

As for Conan, installed but never played.

What the hell is wrong with me? I hear all of you ask.

Good question.

Well simply, with my currently living arrangements and new house just around the corner, I just sorted forgot about playing. The weird part…I am not missing it all.

Yes, the people who know me best will be either

a: cursing and screaming the the Invasion of the Body Snatchers has begun


b: Disowning me

What can I say? I still play games but offline. I still drink but without the online drunk speech.

There is a highlight to this mysterious wonder; I have convinced (I say convinced, the wife says let’s discuss) the wife that I am sacrificing MMO play so we can put that towards Foxtel instead. Well it is only 3 months till the AFL is back…and the cricket is on now!

So to all that are looking for me online….forget it, I’m not there. Call me instead.

That’s right, my addiction to MMOs has a new player on the block.
Warhammer Online

Now I played the table top version of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 for many years. In fact, I have mates still trying to get me to play again. So when Games Workshop annouced their online version, I was instantly hit with drool.
And guess what. It didn’t let me down.
What makes it work?
Every class is different!
That’s right, it means if I choose a Black Orc, the main tank/melee for the greenskins, his skills and talents are completely different to chaos’ Chosen or Marauder. This means no more duplicates of characters with just different faces!
Quests make sense
Each quest follows a story and each quest relates to the next quest. No more mindless, must kill this just for..we just because i was told to.
Not gear dependant
Hooray! It is not about “I must have this to be better than everyone else”. Yes of course there is gear that helps but it is more how you play your character and which talent tree you go down.
Public Quests
My favourite part of the game. Through each chapter, there are areas called Public Quests. What happens here is a three part quest starts every 5-10min where anyone and everyone can join in. No need for a party, can enter at any stage whether its part 1 or part 3. And once complete the loot is decided on contribution and luck of the dice. the higher you rank, the better the loot. If you get nothing, just wait 2 mins for the event to start again! Best idea ever!
Realm Vs Realm
Warhammer’s pvp part of the game. There are a couple of options of how you can RvR. You can join RvR Scenarios (battlegrounds) which has 3 different battlegrounds to choose from. Best part is you can join the queue just by clicking an icon on your hud therefor you can keep questing while you wait. No more hanging out at the local BG hut. And then there is the live RvR. Each terriotory has a section that is dedicated to RvR so all you have to do is wander down there and start fighting. And the cool thing about RvR, no matter if you are lvl 1 or lvl 40, you contribution and results affect the whole Chaos v Good results for your server.

If you are a MMO addict like myself, I strongly suggest you give Warhammer Online a go.

And if you jump on board, look me up.
Chaos: Tapestry and Order: Drakkhart

Well I got myself a box of the new World of Warcraft: TCG expansion, the 2nd in the Outlands set: Servants of the Betrayer

Interesting concept in this one. They have Hero cards that instead of having a skill tree specialty, they are Traitors instead.
This means they can’t use specialty skill cards but some of the Traitor only cards are pretty hardcore.
And they are advertising that they have two times the amount of loot cards inserted. Well yeah you do have a higher chance of getting them. I got 2 loot cards in 1 box….both the same one but still, 2.

Anyway, back to where this post was meant to be going.
It is time for another WOW TCG Meet!
So to all you Fishmalt readers, who is in for some gaming? who is volunteering to host? and when?
There is also the WOW Boardgame floating around which we could give a go too.

And for those that have still been collecting the newer sets, I interested in trading some UDE/Recipe cards as well.

Thanks again to ZGeek

We had some hints that this would happen soon and now WoW Insider has confirmed through anonymous sources that the next expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, is in closed alpha status, and that various players are being invited to check it out, under a strict NDA.


rambling6.jpgWhere have I been? What have I been doing?

Well I wish I could say I have been doing something exciting but no…..bloody WoW has taken me for a spin.

What else?

Ok, if you have never played Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War for PC, then you are an idiot.
Easily the best RTS game I have played and with Soulstorm freshly released I have lost all offline time as well.
There are the 3 of us (myself, IEKenner and Taxation) that have taken it upon ourselves to conquer the galaxy with the Sisters of Battles each Monday night.
I tell you now, get it, get all the expansions and find us to play. You know what? I think I may even do a review on the game at some point.

New Season of Indoor has commenced and it looks like they are moving LFB – caution pop-ups to C grade after putting us up against a B grade team last night.
Which we did bloody well I think to be beaten 153 – 187. Donna and I walked out with 74 for our skin (he did most of the work smashing them for 46) and I was very happy with my bowling (normally bowl legspin but this season I have decided to bowl medium swing)

Manboobs have our second game tomorrow after the other team forfeited last week. Shall be good

The 1st round has been completed and the North Melbourne F.C. took a bloody and depressing blow early on against Essendon.
You know I have been a member with North since 2000 but this is the 1st year I am actually a North Melbourne member and not a Kangaroo member… feels so good and right.
IEKenner has convinced me to play AFL dream Team this year and it was a rocky start. I made many mistakes, biggest one was having Nathan Ablett in the team and the second was getting my reserves and emergencies mixed up. So I have already used 2 of 20 trades. Fingers crossed its a better week.
No doubt IEKenner and I will be on the blower this weekend with his mighty Richmond Tigers battling the North Melbourne Kangaroos.

Think that covers it for now. I have added 2 more contributors who shall be posting soon so be easy on them =)

Bastards…..yes the guys at work are bastards.
Because after over 12 months, the have convinced me to play World of Warcaft again!

I was clean! I had escaped! I even vowed never to return…..

All happened because most of my staff play WoW the Trading Card Game which is fun and reignited my CCG streak. We just had an all day TCG event, dueling each other and taking on Raid Bosses. It was a good day of relaxing and finally most of my staff finally tried the famous Barefoot Radler, when some of the guys let me know that they have started on a new server with new characters and are playing together. This perked my interest.
I’ll just confirm that I am addicted to MMO games having gone through (deep breath) World of Warcraft, City of Heroes, City of Villains, Everquest II, Ultima Online, Auto Assualt, Planetside, Ragnarok, Lord of the Rings Online, Guild Wars, Guild Wars Factions, Guild Wars Nightfall, Guild Wars Eye of the North, Star Wars Galaxies, Lineage II and no doubt I have missed something.
But I had been behaving by playing Guild Wars, no cost but when my mate and I had pretty much completed what we could, I was interested in playing something else. And there it was, a bunch of people I know playing together in which I could join them….There was no hope for me.

So I have now been playing since Tuesday. My wife is in two minds because a: new MMO so I will be missing for a while and b: She used to play and now she is tempted to dabble again.

I rolled a Blood Elf (sends shivers down my spine – I hate pointy eared gits) because the gang was Horde and I wanted to see the new areas. Gotta say, the Blood Elf area is fantastic. Its well constructed, the quests flow on to each other and I don’t have to go to the Barrens!

I can already see that this game will suck me in again but again I only think until I hit the level cap. The main reason I left was there was not a lot to do once you hit lvl 60 (yes I got out before Burning Crusade), it was too equipment dependent and I hated grinding. Well we will see how long this lasts.


EDIT – Forgot to mention, if you want to look me up in game its Tapestry on Kil’Jaeden.