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aflfantasy What a rucking crisis? Thousands of coaches afraid of the sun after last week’s great ruck dropouts. First it was Hickey giving as a nice warning that he is too fragile. Many coaches jumped off onto the the ruckman of the season so far, Mumford. Whoops.
Down goes the Mummy for minor knee surgery on the eve of his match. Thank gosh we have Currie to cover that donut. Wait, what? Currie late withdrawal because of the rain. Oh and Leuenberger does his knee. It was happy times.
Happy? Well for me it was, I made the last minute decision to not got for Mumford and picked up Jacobs and I already had Derickx as my emergency. So I had 125 good reasons to be happy.
Well the rucks were covered but I still had Kennedy-Harris, Rohan and Tom Mitchell on the field. Still, a score of 2073 I am happy with.
That brings me to this week’s trading. First let’s look at the Kneejerkers currently…
Kneejerkers rd 4 As you can see, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Josh Caddy continued his under performance and Tom Mitchell is experiencing 2nd year blues. Mitchell hurts as he dropped by over $55,000.
What do we do with trades this week. The dilemma?
Mitchell and Caddy are leaking cash and under performing but Kennedy-Harris and Rohan are less than helpful on the field as emergency cover.
And then how can you ignore Sam Lloyd’s debut for the Tigers (107) and less than $200k. Fasolo backs up his 76 with a healthy 71 and has a Breakeven of 9. Of course I can talk about the other rookies shining in the Mids and the Backs such a Crouch and McDonald but I am happy with Ellis and Langford as coverage. This means I have 4 possible outs with 2 good looking ins.
So what would you do?
Trade Mitchell / Caddy for Fasolo / Llyod and gather a lot of cash? But how secure is Lloyd’s position and you are bringing him in based on one match.
Trade Kennedy-Harris / Caddy for Fasolo / Lloyd and get some cash? But you still have Mitchell on the field, bleeding cash and the Swans do not look like turning things around anytime soon.

So there it is folks, what to do, what to do?