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During August, well for at least 2-3 weeks, I have no internet! Mrs Drakkhart and myself are moving house which of course means relocating provider, new phone lines etc..
Don’t panic too much. Sparky has allowed me to use his net at times so hopefully I can get some posting happening.
So what have we missed?

North Melbourne win another match! This time coming from behind to defeat Brisbane. This keeps us in 5th position.
This week we have the Bulldogs. I’m confident on a win. We won last time we played them *fingers crossed*

Bah! last week’s golf day was cancelled due to weather, attendance numbers and the fact that as soon as I went offline, everyone folded. So hopefully we can get a day in before next month.

I have begun a new career in an area that is very very new to me. What does this mean? Well, I am no longer surrounded by console/pc games now I have tradies…So reviews or news on games will probably drop =(
But! I have some training for work and they are sending me down to Melbourne for it. The same time as the 1st week of the AFL finals! and yes they are flying me back later so I can get in each game!

Not being able to get to the net has cost me a finals position in the Dream Team race. Funny part is, they have a ‘burger’ cup comp….the bottom 8 fight it out! so come on the Kneejerkers!

Hmm…quick movie review
The Happening: Not bad, just reminded me of The Stand too much, which I love so The Happening didn’t really bring anything new.

Kung Fu Panda: Too much hype. Funny movie, good animation. Jack Black is still a riot. Kids will love it.

The Forbidden Kingdom: Jackie Chan v Jet Li; well worth the watch. Storyline is a hollywood take of the great Chinese films like Hero. Should never let Jet Li speak in english specially comedy!

A new place to eat:
Ellacure is a fairly new restaurant in Bruce, ACT. The quick review: Eat there now!
Great food and good prices, the atmosphere was fantastic and the staff were brilliant. One of the big difference is you must order your vegetables/salads for your meals as side dishes. Odd but it works. It has a very family table, pass the peas around fell to the meal.

Think that covers is for now.


review5.jpgLast night, my wife and I found ourselves way down south in Tuggeranong and we got hungry.
So where do you eat in Tuggeranong?
It seems that they have named a section of Anketell street called “Southlife on Anketell”. Here they have about 5-6 restaurants set out like a strip mall.
After having a look at the menus of all the restaurants, we chose Zbrasserie

The decor of the restaurant gives a very fresh relax feel to the place, almost a cafe setting. Its very open and unlike a lot of places, the tables we well spaced apart.
The Staff:
Best service ever is the simple way to put it. All the waitresses were eager to help, approachable and well informed of the specials. One particular young lass, has a New Zealand accent but we won’t hold that against her, was brilliant. Her service was quick and efficient, polite and could hold a small conversation with you. The one bloke that worked on the floor, I assuming manager/owner, also was very friendly with a relax attitude.
The atmosphere the staff provided was one of, come on in, relax have a bit of fun and enjoy a great meal – we are here to make your night great.
It has been a long time since I have seen this sort of service and it was refreshing to see it still exists.

The Food:
The menu provided a good range of dishes with almost 2 of everything. Seafood does seem to be the specialty with only 2 meat dishes available.

Drinks were offered as we sat and drinks were ordered. Their range of beers was decent with Carlton Draught being the generic local beer, they also had 4 imports of choice as well as premium Australian beers. All were reasonable priced.

I must say, I didn’t even check the wine list so I can tell you nothing of it… bad.
We started with some Garlic bread and I must say it was good. The bread slice were thick and soft. The garlic and butter were just right. It was a good start to the meal.
I ordered the Eye Fillet – rare; and my wife ordered the New York Sirloin – well done (I know, its just not right).
While waiting for our meals, the young NZ lass came to inform us that because my wifes steak was think, it was going to take a bit longer to make it well done, funnily enough as soon as she moved away, our meals turned up.
*The Eye Fillet; large plate decorated with black cherries. In the centre, 2 slice of eye fillet on top of roasted potato, pumpkin and some green salad. The meal looked small but it was just playing with my head.
The meat was a very good cut of meat, very tender and juicy. The sauce was delicious and as the meal went, the cherries continued to provide more juices to soak up. In all, the meal was very very tasty and it indeed was filling.
*The New York Sirloin; large plate filled to the sides with a good size of thick sirloin, tasty roasted potato and pumpkin and a large green salad. I only tried a bit of the meat, it being well done and all (just not right). The meat was still pink and tender but because it was cooked correctly not because they didn’t make it well done. The pepper sauce was very fresh and delicious, one of the best I have tasted. Now the problem with open air restaurants, anything can come in and unfortunately a couple of bugs found my wife’s salad delicious. To the credit of the staff, they quickly replaced the salad, added a little extra vegetables and were back quickly so my wife could complete her meal.

Now the two of us are not big on deserts but last night, after the great service and meal, it just seemed right. So after we ordered our coffees (which were good) we checked out the desert menu.
I tried the Banoffee Pie which was delicious. The caramel was not overpowering and the banana wasn’t mush. My wife went for the sinfull Mars Bar Cheesecake – now this was overpowering, so rich and sweet. Just no way to finish it without overdosing on the goodness.

Overall, the experience was fantastic – great food and great staff made the night very enjoyable. I highly recommend if you are in the Tuggeranong area, check out Zbrasserie.
I was trying to think of why I wouldn’t give this place full marks…..all I could come up with is the fact that it is an open air restaurant in Tuggeranong. This means you do get the idiots of the place walking pass being well…idiots but even then the staff handle them brilliantly. Rather than yelling or telling them to get stuffed, they more well not embrace it butwent along with them. This calmed and copntrolled the idiots and they moved on.
Dame fine restaurant.

Food: Excellent range and delicious
Drinks: Good range of local and overseas beer
Atmosphere: Great, staff were fantastic, very relaxed feel:
Price: Mains $19-28
Overall: fishrate3.jpgfishrate3.jpgfishrate3.jpgfishrate3.jpgfishrate3.jpgfishrate3.jpgfishrate3.jpgfishrate3.jpgfishrate3.jpg