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Miller Chill – beer

Posted: April 8, 2008 in Beer, Review
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Well after the review of the Barefoot Radler a lot of people asked if it was like Miller Chill.
Ok starters, they are 2 different styles of beer, Barefoot is a Radler (lime & lemon) where the Chill is a Chelada (lime & salt). no much differences until you taste them.

The first time I tried the Miller Chill, I could see why folks think the radler is similar but the big difference is the salt. You have a refreshing mouthful of crisp beer only to finish with the after taste of eating table salt.
It wasn’t gut wrenching awful but it was disappointing. The reason you would try one of these types of beers would to have the different taste because you are tired of the heaviness of standard lagers and draughts. To finish with a mouthful of salt which then you have to wash down with, you guessed it, another beer, just leads to drinking because you have to and not because you want to.

I say to all to have a go of it but I would be very surprised if this beer became a regular for anyone. If you are after a clean crisp refreshing taste, I would steer towards the Barefoot Radler instead.

Pub beer: No, just no. Not even to be cool
Couch beer: No more than a six pack
Regular beer: Not for me and not to break up other beers