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So today I went and saw Captain America: Winter Soldier and loved it.
But this is not what this post is about. This stems from the end credit teaser that happens in all Marvel Studios movies. Now if you have not seen the movie yet, after slapping yourself upside the head, you better look away if you don’t want to know about the 5 mins of “nothing to do with the actual film but does hint on the Avengers 2 movie” spoiler.

You may know that the Marvel franchise has been split over more than 1 film studio. For example the X-Men are with 20th Century, Spider-man is with Columbia and the Avengers are with Marvel Studios. Meaning, never shall we see cross overs but we will see stupid things like only 20th Century can have mutants. Thats right, not even Marvel Studios, creators of the Marvel universe can have mutants in their films.
Brings me to the first point of the 1st end credit teaser (yes there are two but I left before the 2nd one dammit). The bad guy talks about Miracles and then we see a cage with 2 gifted people displaying their powers. One bouncing off walls with insane speed, the other in a darkish red look manipulating objects with her mind. Yes, these “Miracles” are in fact the Mutants, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.
These two play a part in the Avengers 2 movie. Very exciting and I for….wait…..hang on…..I seem to recall…..yes, yes I do remember…

Recently I got very excited after watching the last trailer for X-Men Days of Future Past. They showed some very cool scenes including the new mutants that are added to the X-Men universe. People like Bishop, Blink, Warpath, Quicksilver, Sunspot….hang on, Quicksilver?!
Yes, that’s right. Quicksilver the mutant, son of Magneto.

So how is this going to work? Quicksilver the mutant is in a 20th Century film but Quicksilver the miracle is in a Marvel Studios film. That wont be confusing to anyone, right?
Lets get really messy. The mutant is portrayed as a teenager in the 1960s where the miracle is portrayed as a teenager in the now. Magneto has been a main villain for the X-Men since almost day dot and yet Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch have been entrenched in the Avengers history. BUT Quicksilver’s first appearance in comics was in X-Men #4. Both Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch joined the Avengers eventually (Quicksilver was part of X-Factor 1st) but it was Xavier who asked Scarlet Witch for help which ultimately destroyed the Marvel universe as we knew it.
OOh here is another one. Avengers 2 Age of Ultron of course is a Marvel Studios film but a comic head would recall the Fantastic Four destroyed Ultron 7 but it was Dr Doom who reprogrammed Ultron 11. The Fantastic Four of course, is a 20th Century licence.

With all of this and the fact that never shall the studios mix, I can see confusion smacking non-comic fans in the face, the comic purist losing the ploy and calling shenanigans and for heads to roll and the comic readers with level heads just shaking these level heads saying “it could have been beautiful”
Studios, I say to thee, pull your head out of where it doesn’t shine, and work together to make something spectacular….or Uncanny *comic readers will get it*


First they announce the Spider-man franchise is being rebooted. Then their is the Fantastic Four being talked about for a reboot, and the X-men don’t escape clean either. The latest to get the reboot tick?
The reason? Fox doesn’t want to lose the movie rights. Yep, that is the only reason. The deal with the licence is that they must continue to make movies of the Marvel characters otherwise they go back to Marvel.
I am one of the few that enjoyed the Daredevil movie with Ben Affleck. It wasn’t great and it wasn’t a blockbuster like Spider-man or X-men but it was never meant to be. Daredevil was never a over the top comic but more a dark gritty comic…anyway.
Super-hero reboots, for me, are not a good thing unless there is a really good distance in time between them. (The only exception is The Incredible Hulk that saves the Hulk’s reputation). If you make a remake too soon, you will confuse the average viewer. Yes you may appease the fanboys but movies are made not just for them but to also bring in non-comic freaks (you cant make enough money just on the standing order holders).
I don’t think Daredevil left the movie in a bad spot. We got his background on how he became the Daredevil (and not a dragged out origin story). We were introduced to characters that make up the Daredevil universe and no villain was outright killed (Bullseye does survive the fall, listen to the cops say he is still breathing). Kingpin is set up for revenge angle, Urich is set up as a confident…its a rich ending that does not need to be clouded by making a reboot.
And what’s worse? They have signed on David Scarpa to write it! This is the guy that brought you the tripe, The Day The Earth Stood Still which is a remake of a classic film. You bring on a guy who destroyed The Day the Earth Stood Still and expect him to breath life into and reboot the Daredevil Franchise? Hmmm.

Yes I am bias.
My favourite comic series of all time is Excalibur. The combination of Chris Claremont and Alan Davis brought me to and emerged me into the comic world.
The original volume had great characters of Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Rachel Summers, Captain Britain and Meggan. Three of which had already developed a great rich background and the addition of Rachel Summers opened up many questions, even Meggan was interesting.
Yes, the title had more of a comic relief version of the X-men in the beginning but did develop into something so much better. The cast of characters was rich and deep with people like Wisdom, Kylun and Cerise coming on board. Their was so much potential but not enough readers jumped on board
The volume went for 125 issues plus annuals, one-shots and graphic novels and yet, it did stop.
Then came Excalibur the Genosha experience…..that deserved to die. Had nothing to do with Excalibur and was just tripe.
Along came New Excalibur with Psylocke jumping on board with Sage and  Nocturne. Hell, even Juggernaut was part of the crew. But this too succumbed to the Marvel axe.

Now is the reason for its discontinuation because people from the USA cant take on board a foreign team, or they don’t understand the references made? is it because writers struggle with references not in the USA? Or is it simply fans just don’t like the characters?
Personally out of my 5 favourite comic characters, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat and Captain Britain are all from Excalibur. Having a team not based in New York, Chicago or wherever leads to the opportunity of new story arcs, new direction (say the UK makes superheroes part of the European UN forces) and just a chance for an fresh look.
Being based in the UK also had is great advantage of the deep and rich history of England, France and the rest of Europe. Magic is of course the obvious link but the history of the area could help with stories, characters and excitement.

I just feel with all the cross overs of the X-titles, they could have kept Excalibur separate. Readers are able to follow one book that have great characters and an opportunity to have great, new and unique adventures that fall outside the USA Marvelverse.

Now I do understand the ultimate reason is money, if it doesn’t sell, they drop it. Being that it is an X-title maybe people can’t afford to buy another x-title because you have have to buy 4 titles to follow one story? Ok so the turn around to that is, Excalibur is a stand alone title and for me, that makes it easy choice to buy instead.

Guess thats my little ramble for the day.

Well it could happen after the big merger has gone ahead. Disney has successfully purchased Marvel
So what does this mean for the Marvel comics, animation series and movies?
Well the official word is business as normal but I am concerned. Yes Buena Vista ( Disney) has released adult films (no not porn) such as Apocolypto and Saw VI, but the majority of Disney products are family to young children orientated.
The last thing Marvel needs is to be child-downed in the films and comics. With the debacle of Spider-man 3 and X-Men 3, for them to come out with an Underdog-esq comic gone movie would kill their chances of having any fanboy seeing another marvel film again.
Could you imagine a Disney version of Punisher War Zone? Food for thought.

The comics should be safer …shouldn’t they? I know I have been out of the comic buzz for almost 2 years and have only just picked up a new marvel title 2 days ago…hmmm
Will we see a toned down version of flag ship titles of Ironman with less women, alcohol and violence? Maybe Venom saying his please and thank yous?
I do hope the official word from Disney is right and that they will not interfer with the more adult approach to the current line of most of the titles.
Tell me, does Marvel still follow the Comic Code Authority?

randomI have been MMO clean since August last year. I have been WoW clean for even longer.
It has been great. I save money, I speak with friends IRL, I spend more time with my wife (ok so most of its good) and then this happens.
My mate, Madman sends me links from E3 of upcoming MMOs……..I hate him now.

Jumpgate Evolution
AION The Tower of Eternity

And then Frog shows me this just to top things off…

randomSo this was a movie concept that I thought was going to be absolute crap. It was going to destroy the run of xmen movie goodness, make a mockery of Wolverine and just down right tripe.
Then I watched this….

And then I drooled, got the excited school girl shivers and drooled some more.

I of course ran over to the official site…which was disappointing except the part that says it hits our screens here in Oz, 30/4/09!
Much joy.

Now Hugh Jackman, even though he is an 6 foot 4 inch Australian playing a 4 foot nothing Canadian, does a fantastic job as Wolverine. Again, he looks like he will do a great job.
But I think what got me very excited is there seems to be a real fight with Sabretooth with a REAL actor playing the part, Liev Schreiber, it has Gambit (played by Taylor Kitsch), Deadpool (played by Ryan Renolds – which will be great) and The Blob! (played by Kevin Durand)

Watch the trailer and tell me you are not excited!

Bring on X-Men Origins: Wolverine!

randomAfter his portrayal of Tony Stark in Ironman , much droolage over the hint of an Avengers movie was had.
Good news, not only did Downey Jnr sign up for Ironman 2 (2010) but he is also signed up for The Avengers (2011) AND Ironman 3!
Don Cheadle will be the new Rhodey in both Ironman 2 and Avengers.
And to top it off, Downey Jnr looks to be doing the voice for the lead character in a hero animated spoof: Master Mind

The original flick from DreamWorks, released in the fall, will be a movie with the current placeholder title of Master Mind. The flick is a superhero send-up. It follows a super villain’s (whose handle is also the title of the movie) crisis of conscience after he eliminates his heroic nemesis, Uberman.


YAY! The more I see of the new Hulk movie, the more excited I get.

If you didn’t know the back story as to why they made a sequel after the 1st attempt….well….failed.
Edward Norton is a fanboy comic head, and he was so pissed off by Ang Lee’s attempt, he had to revive the good name of the Hulk. You’ll notice he also helped write the screenplay.

So for all of you who have not yet seen Iron Man go see it NOW!

Today was my wedding anniversary and my wife puts up with me soooo much, we went and saw Iron Man.
The woman is a hero!

So we thought we would do this in style and we went to see Iron Man at the Dendy Cinemas and we spoiled ourselves and chose the premiere theater. You know the one with the reclining chairs, food and drink service and bass boosted seats!
Twas very nice indeed.

Now I have been excited about this flick since seeing the 1st teaser so I had high expectations.
Just a note, this is not a review just a drool dropping ramble
Now to enhance my excitement for Iron Man, the theatre did 2 things…well 3 if you include bringing me meat on a stick! The 1st preview shown was….um….oh yeah a new Angelina Jolie flick, Wanted, another comic based film this time Mark Millar’s. Then we got to see Narnia 2….so far a big ho hum lets just get the movie started already!
Then they did something special…..
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Oh yeah! I know he is old…so old but this still looks damn good…and it has Marion in it!
So I’m pretty pumped and then……
The Dark Knight comes on…..oooooh baby , hell yeah and a goose-a-bumping! The comic-> film movie of the year!
So as you could imagine, I am pretty well damn pumped and keen and ..well all those other cool words that my age no longer allows me to use….Keen!
Bring on the IRON MAN!

And they did and I was hooked.
Great beginning dragged everyone in, great action scenes, superb storyline that follows the Ultimate universe more than the traditional. Robert Downey Jnr did a superb job as Stark, took me a while to recognise Jeff Bridges and hot damn did Gwyneth Paltrow look damn fine.
For all comic heads, this is a definite must see. For all action flick lovers, this is a must see. The story is well written that you do not need to know a thing about Iron Man to be involved in the happenings of Tony Stark.
Brilliant, just brilliant. Another Marvel gone movie hit and with the huge potential for a franchise of sequels.

The only thing I have to say to all who will be viewing this film…



I already have one mate that left early and he is hating himself for doing so.
You have been warned. And I expect many comments on this to tell me of your experience watching Iron Man.
Now I must go watch the Invincible Iron Man cartoon movie to keep me going till dvd release.

I am Ironman!

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rambling5.jpgNot to be out done, the Marvel comic gone movie I am hanging out for most…

And Ironman has a nice little up to date trailer going on HERE!

This is THE marvel movie that must be watched this year! Why do I say Marvel movie instead of comic based movie? Do you live in the dark ages?

Dark Knight is THE ultimate comic movie of the year but is closely followed by Ironman!

I still find it hilarious that a convicted drug user is playing an alcoholic superhero…..hmmm real stretch to know what an addiction is….
but Robert Downey Jnr is more than a fine actor…..when straight, so lets bring it on!