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aflfantasy This time I’m back for sure, well at least during the AFL season.

The completion of round has happened and I feel a lot of rage from watching the North Melbourne vs Geelong game so I feel I need to document my Kneejerkers DT and SC events. Maybe I will even inspire some fantasy footballers to listening to my advice (or highlight what not to do)

Kneejerkers are back for 2013 for AFL DreamTeam (now known as AFL Fantasy) but I thought I may dabble with Supercoach as well. I’ll mainly talk Dream Team

Now you would all know the changes to Dream Team this year with trades etc so I wont go into that too much at this point. In fact I will mention just this – DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TRADE EARLY AND EVERY WEEK

With 2 trades guaranteed every week, the fear of trading is gone but you still want to make money so try avoiding sideways trades unless injuries happen.

Saying all that, it is the end of round 2 and I have already used 3 trades 😉

First week was to make sure I didn’t have any holes in the my team with certain rookies not playing and cheaper ones did

OUT: Kane Mitchell and Brent Macaffer ($251,900) IN: Brad Crouch and Sam Dwyer ($197,800)     –     REASON: For the price McCaffer was vs the return add the fact I had the coverage on field with Neade, Dwyer gave me cash with same scores. Mitchell will get the Green Vest more often than not and Crouch looks to be the injection the Crows need ATM. RESULT: Kitty of $78,300

After round 2 the automatic trade was taking away my fill in ruckman Zac Smith, who is playing some very ordinary football but he did set aside the cash for my real target in Matthew Lueunberger, the cheap almost premium ruckman who made a great return last week with 74.

OUT: Zac Smith ($300,700) IN: Matt Lueunberger ($233,600)    –    REASON: Not only was Smith poor in DT performance but the Burger was back from injury. Lueunberger was always my target as with most Fantasy coaches with his potential and low price. RESULT: Kitty of $145,400.

Now with one trade left up sleeve for the week, I have options but nothing clear cut. Mid price Forward option Karnezis had a 66 game in RD1 and a green vested 9 points in Rd2. His breakeven is achievable though at 64…but will he play? There is also Premium priced Zorko, is he having 2nd year blues or will he fire? So far with scores of 52 and 75 and a breakeven of 158, you know he will lose money but you don’t know if he will turn it around. Will Brisbane suffer he NAB Cup curse?

Decisions……I am more in the mindset to hold on to both. Trading Karnezis for similar pricing really only leaves Varcoe which you know he will play. Zorko though,hmm. Westhoff is on fire with an average of 127 but another Port player just feels wrong, same with Monfries . Ideally I want Steve Johnson but its a least another 4 weeks till he is back. Anyway..I’m not spending all my kitty at this stage. That is for upgrading the rookies.

Overall the Kneejerkers are scoring well with 2058 and 1989 in the 1st two rounds. My POD Andrew Swallow has worked a treat with 141 and 115 returns AND less than 5% of coaches have him! Now I don’t want to give my team away too much as the Head to Head is about to start but I think finding POD is harder this year. It seems the same rookies are in each team and the stock standards Premium mids are there.

Expect more Kneejerkers talk throughout the week as I aim to not just talk about my DT and SC sides but the fantasy AFL world as a whole.


They don’t come much bigger than Aaron Sandilands and they don’t come much better in the ruck but big Sandi has hurt us Dream Teamers.
Most coaches held on to Sandi over the 4 weeks while he was injured as we all new, and hoped, he would come back stronger. Not this time.
Sandilands has done more damage to his toe which could have him out for up to month of footy!

The question is now, what do we do?
1. We could hold out for another month, if we have the coverage, so Sandilands comes back for the Dream Team finals.
2. We could cash him in to get a large wad of cash and hope Zac Smith continues his great form.
3. We could trade him to another star ruck. But who? Goldstien is on fire but North Melbourne have a bye in the finals. Same is said for Petrie. Than there is McEvoy from the Saints. The way the Saints are playing, I would baulk at taking anyone from the Saints. The only other Ruckman getting games with a high 90 average is Cox and if you didnt have him in your team already, why are you playing Dream Team?

So that is the dilemma that most Dream Team coaches would have this week. It is a good one.
What am I going to do? Hmmm I do have Zac Smith and Max Bailey looks like a good trade down to give me a crap load of cash…..Decisions!

Episode 2 of One Troll Short has been released. Because of some editing issues, it is late and unfortunately after the completion of round 2 in the AFL.
But listen, enjoy and take note in what I had to say about Fremantle!

One Troll Short episode 2

Oh and it does look like these podcasts will be all about AFL and Dream Team….we just can’t fit anything else in.

Round 2 has finished. It is the round that a lot of coaches go trade mad. The prices of each player will change after round 3 so many coaches start dropping their poor choices while the prices are stable.
For me, I fell into this trap every year I have played DT and I am determined not to do it again…..but!
Tippet the spud scores 40pts against Fremantle and when you add his 60 from Rd 1….he is a spud and it is hurting my rucks.
The answer to Barry Hall or not to Barry Hall at this stage is not to Barry Hall. The difference is, it is only round 2 and Barry Hall, and the delivery to him, will improve where Tippet and the Crows look like they are in for a long year.

Anyway, I finished with a comfortable 2108 this week, again with 3 players on the bench out scoring their on field counterparts and 5 players scoring less than 60 points.
As for any changes for round 3….no trades but maybe some switches from the bench.

It is that time again! AFL footy season is almost upon us once more! hoo-bloody-ray!
Last Monday the AFL Dreamteam opened up and I have been at it ever since trying to get a team together.
I know, very keen. The NAB Cup hasn’t even begun so how would I know what rookie to get? Don’t care. I have a team now and it will probably change after the NAB cup but I am keen to get it started.
They have made some changes this year. The salary cap is lower but players are more expansive (including rookies!) and for the 1st time, you will be able to swap players in your team to different positions (ie Move a Ruckman into you Forward line) without costing a trade.
Here is my current list:
BACKS:JGram, CEnright, CCornes, LHodge, SHurn, TKennelly, RSchoenmakers, PDavies, JTrengrove
CENTRES:LHayes, JCorey, LBall, RPalmer, RLadson, DMartin, JMelksham, LShuey
RUCKS: ASandilands, DJolly, MLobbe, JRoughead
FORWARDS: NReiwoldt, JBrown, MLeCras, BHall, BWarren, PDangerfield, BBurton, SGumbleton, LTapscott

Now I must wait for the NAB cup to finalise the line up. Make sure the few coming back from injury actually comeback. May trade Sandi and Ladson out and put in H_mac and spend a bit more in backline…hmmm.
If you want to join our league, you are welcome to. The league code is 724942.

afl North Melbourne have announced today the appointment of the new senior coach, Brad Scott.
Brad Scott will take over in 2010 with Crocker remaining in charge to the end of this season.
I do not remember Brad Scott playing for Brisbane in their premiership 2001 and 2003 sides. In fact I can’t say I remember him at all.
Saying that, is credentials look great. Currently mid-field coach of Collingwood (and how bloody good is that mid field with the likes of Swan, Pendlebury, Beams, Wellingham and so on) before that he was their development coach. In his playing days, he was a hard nut and renown for his fierceness at the ball.

If he can bring across the fierceness to the Roos, and develop a strong mid field, I can not wait.
Now all we need is a forward line.

*EDIT* I do remember Scott from his playing days finally. And yes he was a hard ball defender. If he can bring with him the hardness and commitment back to the Roos, (specially the tackling!) I will be excited to see where North will be in 2 seasons.

afl What a match last week! With gaps all over the field, Dal Santo pulling out last minute, captain Bartel playing crap and both ruckman failing..not to mention Franklin!
So what was the outcome?
Lucky for me, Dodgey Fellas also had gaps in the field including their captain!And the VC was SJohnson who had a shocker!
Kneejerkers win by 13 points!
Hell yeah!…..then this weeks team line ups were released….
Hell no!
I have more holes than swiss cheese in my backline again. No Grimes, Geary, Post and Petrenko is an emergency!
What does this mean for this weekends semi final against the Indefatigables?
Well I do have a lot of guns back in the side but 1-2 doughnuts in the back are going to hurt. And with out of form Franklin, SJohnson and unpredictable Russell, I am not overly confident.

DEF: Gilbert, McMahon, Hodge, Drummond, Houlihan and possible Petrenko
MID: Bartel, Dal Santo (vc), Lockyer, Griffen, CCornes, Beams
RUC: McIntosh, Sandilands
FWD: Riewoldt, SJohnson, Didak, Pavlich, Franklin, DThomas, MBrown

Gadget, I hope your Geelong players fail miserably…cept Bartel and SJohnson of course.

aflAs soon as the retirement of Dean Laidley was annouced and North Melbourne were on the hunt for a new coach, I had one name for the Roos to chase. John “Horse” Longmire.
But of course North mucked around with the Nathan Buckley option and now it is too late.

SYDNEY Swans coaching co-ordinator John Longmire says he had no hesitation in accepting a two-year agreement to replace Paul Roos as senior coach, despite the lure of a return to North Melbourne.

That’s right, Longmire has signed up for a 2 year deal at the Swans to start in 2011 after Paul Roos leaves at the end of 2010.
This, for me, is very disappointing as I thought Longmire would have brought discipline, hard work and real heart back to the Roos.
I think Crocker is a great choice as a caretaker coach but I am not comfortable about him being the long term coach. But who does the signing of both Buckley and Longmire leave?
Apparently there are 3 left: Darren Crocker (North caretaker), Damien Hardwick (Hawks assistant) and Brad Scott (Magpies).

afl After a loss last week, I thought I was out of the eight. But it happens that from 6th to 10th all the teams were on 32 points. It came down to the percentage……

And this is where the Kneejerkers excelled! With the 4th highest average in the league I managed to hold sixth place with a percentage of 107.23. JOY!
So it it round 19 in the AFL which makes it the 1st round of finals for Dream Team. As I finished 6th, I play the Dodgey Fellas who finished 7th. There is no second chance, it is a do or die match.
Anxiously I awaited the release of the teams , hoping that my DT was injury free as I have no more trades.
I have been hit with injuries again and some big names are out!
Gone – NRiewoldt (my highest averaging forward), JGrimes (my 2nd highest averaging defender), Gilbert still gone (my number 1 defender), Skipworth and even Petrenko can’t get back in.
This leaves me with a big doughnut in my backline and a big offensive gap in my forwards.
Dodgey Fellas looks to have a few missing too but will still field a full team. This is going to be tough.
What I do have going is Dodgey’s players to seem to have a lower average overall to my blokes…but he has a full team….dammit!

DEF: Mcmahon, Hodge, Drummond, Houlihan, Geary, Post
MID: Bartel, Dal Santo, Lockyer, Griffen, CCornes, Beams
RUC: McIntosh, Sandilands
FWD: SJohnson, Franklin, Pavlich, Didak, DThomas, Russell, MBrown

So fingers are crossed that I can get over the line this week. Based on averages, my score does not look pretty. Oh well…see what happens.

afl It is the final round of Dream Team before the finals begins and my place is no where near locked in.
I play the I Love Footy team with only 3 losses to their name. The battle for the 6th to 8th position is tight, where only percentage is keeping most teams apart.
If I pull off the win this week, I am into the finals. If I lose this week, it comes down to percentage. With 2 teams vying for the top 8 playing ‘bye’ teams it will be close.
Therefore it is all or nothing for me and my last 2 trades are being used. OUT Higgins who has performed greatly throughout the season, only to get himself injured for 3 weeks, and OUT for PBurgoyne who really has got worse throughout the season. So who comes in?
IN: The Hawks are playing so much better, almost to their Grand final win level so in comes Hodge to bring some run into the backline. IN: To add some selfishness and style to the forwards, here comes Didak which makes my team a little heavy with Collingwood players but it should give me a great score.
Now the problem is, my most consistent defender, Gilbert, is being rested with back soreness and this hurts. This leaves a doughnut in my backline with the only players able to fill it have both been listed as emergencies only. Crap.
The line up:
BACK: McMahon, Hodge, Grimes, Drummond, Houlihan, Post with Geary or Petrenko hopefully filling the gap.
MID: Dal Santo, Lockyer, Bartel(VC), Griffen, CCornes, Beams
RUCK: Sandilands, McIntosh
FWD: Didak, Franklin, Riewoldt(C), Russell, DThomas, SJohnson, Pavlich
Yep, that is it. Hopefully this will give me a score of at least 1924 plus captain which is 200 more than I Love Footy’s average but they do have the Ablett factor.
Oh well, here goes.