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STill unsure of what I thought of Warhammer: Dawn of War II compared to the brilliance of DoW 1, I am still excited for the expansion and the introduction of the Chaos army.
And now we can get a preview of what to expect with Chaos’ foot troops.
The cultists are back (called Heretics now) so you still have your cannon fodder, which is good. The chaos warriors now have upgrades that choose which Chaos God they follow. This sounds great!….What? They have done what? Only 2 gods to choose from? WTF?
That’s right, you can only choose from Khorne and Tzeentch. No Nurgle, no Slanesh. Khorne gives you lpasma pisyols and chainswords, Tzeentch give you Inferno bolters. Where are the plague marines? what about the noisebearers?
Hmm. we shall see.

Here are the details so far……


Wet…..a musical?

Posted: August 2, 2009 in Gaming
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gamingbutton A new 3rd person shooter that is due for release this September is a game called Wet which doesn’t look to bad. It is very Kill Bill styled with swords, guns and lots of blood.
Here is the E3 trailer

Looks fun right? So I was very intrigued when I saw this trailer for the game:
Shot at Love

gamingbuttonBack in 1987, Games Workshop released the board game of Blood Bowl. Based on American Football, the blood letting game was huge for us back then and when news hit that a 2009 PC (and XB360) version was to be released, I was most excited.

So much so that I couldn’t wait for the October hard copy release in Australia and even the September Steam release wouldn’t keep me calm.

I went and paid money and bought it direct from the Blood Bowl website.

So what do I think of it? Glad you asked.

The gameplay has a couple of options. You can play the original boardgame rules or play the Living Rulebook rules which has all the extra injuries and skills etc. You also get to play real time or turn based.

For me, it was about replicating the boardgame so I play the Blitz rules (Living Rulebook) and turn based.

And it is fun. The flashbacks are there to the old days of the frustration of Skaven running past you to score and the joy when they meet your minotaur who scraps them of his feet. The ‘please please make this pass” tension as you throw the hail mary in the final turn to steal a win…It is fun very very fun. BUT!

Yes there are a couple of buts with this game.

The load times before and after a game are a joke. If you play a 24 team competition, be prepared to be able to bake a cake as you wait for the PC to compile the AI matches.

The controls are fine but could have had a bit of refining down but this is only slight once you are aware of them.

Multiplayer! The big reason for wanting to get my hands on the game. A nightmare to set up a match between yourself and a mate. Very slow search engine to locate the game, crashes when trying to import the other players team and vice versa. Saying that, they have released a new patch to address this but I have not tried before this review.

Graphically. Are pretty good. A very nice amount of blood flies and you can zoom right in to see the pain. It is nothing outstanding but for an essential sporting game, it looks good.

Sound. You can tire of the commentators after a few games, the sounds of the hits are satisfying and the crowd going wild and louder as you approach the touchdown line makes for a very exciting match.

Post Match/Pre Match. The management of your team before and after the match was one area I was looking forward to. I was not disappointed. You can train a player before the game to get a boost for one match, you can buy sports performance enhancing potions, you can bribe the ref you can even bribe the other teams players. After the match you add up your Star Player points and level up your player to give them extra skills in Strength, Agility, General and even a mutation or two. One of my favourite players in my Tides of Chaos team is the Chaos Warrior with Tentacles and a Prehensile Tail, try running pass that bastard you skaven skum.

Look overall I have been playing this game pretty much non stop since last Monday (20th). I thoroughly enjoy it enough to over look its shortcomings but if you were not a Blood Bowl gamer of old, you may have trouble getting in to it.

It would have been a bigger success if the price was around the $40-50 mark instead of the $60-70.
After several games vs some mates, I need to adjust just how fun this games is and add at least an extra fish

For Blood Bowl Fans: fishratefishratefishratefishratefishratefishratefishratefishrate

For new to blood bowl: fishratefishratefishratefishratefishratefishrate

gamingbuttonYes I know Dawn of War II has been out for a while but look, there is something exciting on Steam.

‘There is Only War,’ The massive update for Dawn of War II will first be available as an open Beta to all owners of Dawn of War II. Players can now participate in the Beta through their Steam client.

See, exciting isn’t it?
I am opening my steam account as we speak to get on board this beta and can’t wait to give it a whirl.
Yes I know many fans of Dawn of War 1 do not enjoy the sequel as much but I do. I also pretend it is not a sequel and in fact a new W40K game that just happens to share the title to the classic DoW.

Any way, get on the beta and enjoy. Read release notes……wait for it……..wait for it………here.

Thanks to Terra for pointing this out to me.

gamingbuttonGameTrailers has just released their wrap of the best E3 trailers for 09. Check em out…

Best Trailer – this surprised me
Best 3rd Person Shooter – since when does a platform game like Ratchet & Clank become categorized as a 3rd Person Shooter?
Best RPG
Best Online
Best Action – Dante’s Inferno? Was that Dragon’s Lair updated to look freaking awesome?
of course they also have
Most Disappointing
Most Embarrassing
You get the idea…there are more so go to Game Trailer to have a gander.

randomI have been MMO clean since August last year. I have been WoW clean for even longer.
It has been great. I save money, I speak with friends IRL, I spend more time with my wife (ok so most of its good) and then this happens.
My mate, Madman sends me links from E3 of upcoming MMOs……..I hate him now.

Jumpgate Evolution
AION The Tower of Eternity

And then Frog shows me this just to top things off…

Left 4 Dead 2…a rant

Posted: June 14, 2009 in Rant
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rantI really enjoyed Left 4 Dead. I like the intensity of the hordes charging, I like the fact their were co-op campaigns in it.
What I didn’t like is that fact their were only 4 campaigns. But we were told that there would be addition content coming.
Then Valve announce Left 4 Dead 2 and I think this clip sums up how I feel just right……

***In no way do I ever or have ever, agreed with anything the real Hitler said or stood for….I just found this clip very funny***

Remake by original author of clip here

randomI was trawling through some game clips when I came across this one:

I am very intrigued and I want to know more. It looks live a Fallout 3 ish type of game. I will keep an eye on it but if you know more, share the info

I Am Alive

randomNow I was a big fan of Overlord, it brought me back to the simple days of Dungeon Keeper. So when I saw this

I was stoked.
Minions riding on Wolves! Clubbing Seals..oh wait, that’s bad…..Catapults! And hopefully a better set up for multiplayer.
Overlord 2! A new sense of evil. And take note there are 2 other versions; Overlord Dark Legion on Wii and Overlord Minions on DS so you can be evil everywhere and at anytime.

ramblingSo I think its been 2 weeks since the latest expansion for World of Warcraft, Wrath of the Lich King was released. And I was one of the millions of lost souls who had preordered the collector’s edition but guess what.

I’m not buying it, not playing and most of all, not missing it.

So what happened to my addiction to Warhammer Online?

Well its been 3 weeks with no MMO play on that either.

As for Conan, installed but never played.

What the hell is wrong with me? I hear all of you ask.

Good question.

Well simply, with my currently living arrangements and new house just around the corner, I just sorted forgot about playing. The weird part…I am not missing it all.

Yes, the people who know me best will be either

a: cursing and screaming the the Invasion of the Body Snatchers has begun


b: Disowning me

What can I say? I still play games but offline. I still drink but without the online drunk speech.

There is a highlight to this mysterious wonder; I have convinced (I say convinced, the wife says let’s discuss) the wife that I am sacrificing MMO play so we can put that towards Foxtel instead. Well it is only 3 months till the AFL is back…and the cricket is on now!

So to all that are looking for me online….forget it, I’m not there. Call me instead.