Fishmalt Golf Day 2010

A new decade begins and a new year of Fishmalt Golf Day gets under way.

This year’s RULES are as follows:

  • Skins are played for per hole with no jackpot. Any tied skins are divided up between the individuals.
  • Each hole is equal to $1 per player (8 players = $8)
  • 18 holes are played each round. Players will need to bring $20 to go towards the skins and the extra $2 goes towards the end of year presentation (includes trophies x3)
  • You must complete a minimum 25% of the rounds played through year to be eligible for awards.
  • As we are great quality players, there are no penalties for lost balls as the laughter from the others will suffice.

HANDICAPS (Bonus Strokes)

  • Handicap points are used after you have completed 2 rounds.
  • Handicap points are worked out by totaling your last 2 rounds then minus the leading player’s score.
  • The points than can be allocated as bonus strokes to any hole, next round.
  • Bonus strokes must be announced before you tee off.  Limits are:
  1. Par 3 = max 1 bonus stroke
  2. Par 4 = max 2 bonus strokes
  3. Par 5 = max 3 bonus strokes
  • No more than 10 shots allowed per hole. After the tenth shot, ball is picked up and any bonus strokes are lost for that hole.

EXAMPLE: Woodsy has the scores of +30 and +25 last two rounds (+55). Delta Dave has the scores of +15 and +10 (+25) and is currently leading . This gives Woodsy a handicap of 30.
The following round Woodsy has divided up his bonus 30 strokes throughout the 18 holes. One the 2nd hole, a par 4, has has declared 2 strokes. He sinks the ball in on 8 attempts, minus his 2 bonus stokes he has a final score of 6.
Delta Dave has no bonus strokes and sinks the ball on his 7th shot. Therefor with bonus strokes, Woodsy wins this skin.


Like 2009 we will be touring the ACT and surrounding course. The aim is to be at a different course each month. The courses used will be:


One Sunday a month and the start times will be early to mid mornings.
A schedule will hopefully be up by the end of January, here on Fishmalt.

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