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Tap King, worth it?

Posted: January 30, 2014 in Beer, Rambling, Review
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My lovely wife knows me so well. First she gave me a Coopers homebrew kit to replace my ancient set up, the next year she gave me The Beer Machine. Last Christmas I got the Tap King and I love it.
There is nothing better than pouring a cold beer into a crisp cold glass from your own fridge.


When the Tap King first hit the shelves all of the variants (James Squires Golden Ale, XXXX Gold, James Boags Premium and other not worth mentioning beer) were selling at the same price. That’s right, you could get Chancer for the same price as XXXX Gold! Beautiful!
But those days have well and truly ended.
Now they are asking for $54 for the Chancer and $35 for the Gold. (Double packs of course because what is the point of 1?)
A Tap King bottles are 3.2L each so a double pack (by their recommendations of 320ml) gives you 20 beers.
A case of Golden is about $60 with 24 beers at 345ml, a case of Gold is about $43 with 30 tinnies at 375ml.

Here comes the maths:

Golden ale – Case of stubbies = 138ml per $1 (24x345ml then divide by $60)
Golden ale – 2 bottels Tap King = 118mn per $1 (2×3.2L then divide by $54)

Hmm I’m losing 20ml of beer for every dollar I spend…not horrible when you enter the convenience factor..Lets look at Gold

XXXX Gold – case of tinnies = 261ml per $1 (30x375ml divide by $43)
XXXX Gold – 2 bottle Tap king = 182ml per $1 (2×3.2L divide by $35)

WHAT THE HELL! I’m losing almost 80ml per $1!

Ok so now think about how quickly you drink the beer. For me, I am a more than casual drinker and the Tap King never seems to last long. But why is that?

It is 6 litres of beer and it should last more than a few nights. This did have me baffled for a while as I sank another pint of beer…..a pint of beer…..Aha!

There is the issue. Drinking from a stubbie you have a set drink, you know what you are drinking and have no control on the volume of amber goodness you are drinking per stubbie. And this is where the trap lies for young players, or older more than casual drinkers that have no patience and only accept drinking pints of beer at a time from my crispy cold glass, can fall into.

Your 6 litres of beer as good value it is, when you are drinking it at 568ml per drink, you will kill your supply quickly. Solution? Use smaller glasses or, my preference, buy TWO double packs at a time.

The lesson here? Don’t drink mid strength beer, its a rip off! Oh and Tap King rocks as long as you use it for the good stuff and you stock up to cover the pints.


Oettinger Pils – beer

Posted: August 12, 2009 in Beer, Review

review It has been a fair break between beer reviews and I wish this beer was worth the wait.
It wasn’t.
I was in need of a new beer as I wanted to get this review thing back up and running but it seems my local (I have moved so its a new local) has bugger all choices.
I see this Oettinger, 500ml tinnies, sitting there and I said “what the hell”. sidenote: they are available in stubbies but only 330ml so I upgraded
I take a swig straight from the can and it was super bubbly. I mean really carbonated with a tinnie taste. So I poured the second into a glass. Still super bubbly with a tin taste.
The colour of the beer was a sickly yellow and has the after taste effect of eating pop rocks
The first thought I had of taste was…garlic, yeah I know. Not a good thing. And its was very weak.
It says its 4.7% (1.9std drinks) but that can only be if you do not eat, move and drink the 6 in one go.
If you haven’t worked it out yet, I was not a fan.

Pub beer: Not likely to even find it let alone have the courage to order it.

Couch beer: No….no and no.

Regular beer: Take a guess….

Overall: fishratefishrate


IT gives the phrase “a stiff drink” a whole new meaning: Australian researchers have made the surprise discovery that alcohol improves, rather than damages, men’s performance in the bedroom.

That’s right, a new report has come out with the outcomes of getting smashed outta of your mind is no longer an excuse of not performing.
What is even better, they say that ex-drinkers do have a higher risk of erectile dysfunction! So no more nagging to stop drinking because otherwise, I just wont be able to satisfy the wife.

Cheers everyone!


BEER Top Five – at home

Posted: January 14, 2009 in Beer, Rambling

ramblingIt has come to ,my attention, that I like beer.
Its true…I do like beer.
I have drunk, made and even reviewed it. So it dawned on me that I never actually said what my beers of choice are.
Because you are all dying to know, here is the first installment. What do I mean 1st installment? Well beer is so good and there are so many occasions, I have decided to have 5 catagories/occassions and list the top 5 beers of choice.
Here is the 1st installment.

Beer at HOME
Nothing better than having a nice cold stubbie of beer after work on your fav couch with the tv on with hopefully the cricket. Here are my top 5 beers for home consumption:

1 Boag’s Draught draught
Easily the crispest, full flavoured, full strength beer on the market at standard shelf level. I was so happy when the pubs finally clued on and put Boag’s on tap. Speaking of tap, check this out.
2 Carlton Midcarlmid
Yes I know, not a full strength beer, what am I thinking? I’m thinking I can down a fair few and not get strife with the wife or struggle to get up in the morning.
3 Barefoot Radlerbarefoot
The beer to break the taste of all other beer. I am really a fan of the Barefoot. It really is phenomenally refreshing.
4 Carlton Blackcarlblack
One of my favourite dark ales, if not my favourite. Love the bitter taste, love the hint of coffee, love the not as thick as stout but thicker than draught.
5 Hammer & TongsBeerD5
Yep, cheap $25-30 a case of beer sneaks into my top 5. Why? Well look at the price for a full strength beer and it does come from the Boag’s brewery. It does have a weak boag’s taste, its smooth but not for the full flavour lovers.

reviewBeen awhile since I have review any beers but after drinking Carlton’s latest creation, Natural Blonde, I had to do one.

Apparantly it is so new, I can’t find an official site. So here is a pic so you know what I am talking about:


Right here goes….

Carlton’s Natural Blonde is the latest Blonde beer to flood the market. They already have Pure Blonde so why bring out another blonde?

This new Blonde states it has 4.2% alcohol, no preservatives, no additives and 70% less carbohydrates than a regular full strength beer.

I can tell you what it definitely has less of……Flavour. There is none. It is probably the most bland beer I have drunk and yes I am including the beers form the Kings Cross “clubs”.

There is very little fiz, body or even an aroma. You could easily take a case to a party and know you will be the only one drinking it (and probably laughed at for doing so).

For me, a good beer needs to have a good distinct flavour like the Boag’s and dark ales. (and the radlers). This beer is one I will not be drinking again.

Well I guess it would be a good beer for indian, thai or other spicy dishes where you just need to rinse the mouth without killing the flavour of the meal.

Pub beer: hell no and I don’t think it would make it to ‘on tap’ unless carlton spends big.

Couch Beer: only with indian and I had no other choice.

Regular beer: No. I will be sticking with Boag’s Classic Blonde as my blonde of choice. We are still talking beer right?

Overall: fishratefishratefishrate

Miller Chill – beer

Posted: April 8, 2008 in Beer, Review
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Well after the review of the Barefoot Radler a lot of people asked if it was like Miller Chill.
Ok starters, they are 2 different styles of beer, Barefoot is a Radler (lime & lemon) where the Chill is a Chelada (lime & salt). no much differences until you taste them.

The first time I tried the Miller Chill, I could see why folks think the radler is similar but the big difference is the salt. You have a refreshing mouthful of crisp beer only to finish with the after taste of eating table salt.
It wasn’t gut wrenching awful but it was disappointing. The reason you would try one of these types of beers would to have the different taste because you are tired of the heaviness of standard lagers and draughts. To finish with a mouthful of salt which then you have to wash down with, you guessed it, another beer, just leads to drinking because you have to and not because you want to.

I say to all to have a go of it but I would be very surprised if this beer became a regular for anyone. If you are after a clean crisp refreshing taste, I would steer towards the Barefoot Radler instead.

Pub beer: No, just no. Not even to be cool
Couch beer: No more than a six pack
Regular beer: Not for me and not to break up other beers


Carlton Dry – beer

Posted: February 7, 2008 in Beer, Review
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review4.jpgEither my IGA is not restocking their beer quickly enough or I am drinking far too fast..

So I go to get some more of the Barefoot Radler only to find they have sold out (I think I bought the lot). Once more I need a beer that i don’t normally drink.
And there was this dark blue label with silver writing beckoning me to touch it.

Carlton Dry – Premium Lager
Lower Carbohydrates, Smooth Finish
Victorian brewed and bottled

Hmm, looks like Carlton’s answer to Toohey’s Extra Dry. Which for me, is not a good thing.
I will state now that I do not enjoy Toohey’s Extra Dry for 2 reasons, a: the taste – it is like a beer trying not to be a beer, weak in flavour and b: the morning after I always have the worst headaches no matter how much, or little, I drank.
So you can see I was hesitant to try Carlton Dry

But here we go…..

Fist swig:
I was right, it is an exact replicate of Toohey’s Extra Dry. So much so, if you pour each into a glass, I guarantee you couldn’t pick the two apart.
Second swig
If a beer could ever taste cold, this would be it. It does have a very “straight from the fridge” taste even when sitting for 10mins. It is a smooth beer without a nasty after taste but with its weak flavour it is almost like beer cordial.
Sixth bottle:
With an alcohol content of 4.5% (1.3 standard drinks) you could get drunk on this easily and you will feel it. Problem is , for me at least, the headache was already on its way, with a dull ” I ate my icecream to fast” feel.
Sorry folks but I will not go through a case of this one. The next morning after the 6 my head felt like it grew 3 times but on on the inside.
Recommendations? Anyone who drinks Toohey’s Extra Dry and wants to try something different but safe, try Carlton Dry. You may taste the subtle difference but you will still get the same cold taste. I don’t see this being popular in pubs or clubs, not while Toohey’s has such a strong foothold already.

Its strange but this beer (just like Toohey’s) always reminds my of ADFA punks trying to be All That They Can Be where in fact they are just, well, funny looking.

Pub beer: Only if pubs replaced Tooheys Extra Dry………and it was free.
Couch Beer: again, only if you ran out of Toohey’s………and it was free.
Regular: Hell no, not for me. Sometime I wonder if the Dry beers have shares in Aspirin.

Barefoot Radler – beer

Posted: February 5, 2008 in Beer, Review
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review.jpgSo there I was, staring at my local IGA’s range of beer. I’m tired of the usual beers that I get and I was looking for the brilliant James Boag’s Classic Blonde.
They had sold out. My only options now were Cartlon Draught (the generic pub beer of choice) Carlton Black (best Australian dark ale I have had), James Boag’s Draught (clean boag’s taste without the Premium price). These are my usual beers of choice but not one grabbed me that evening.

So I have a bit of a gander to see what was sitting in the Classic’s Blonde’s home only to see these strange new label staring at me.

“That’s new” I say to myself, “let’s have a look”
Barefoot Radler – The Original Australian Radler Beer.
Beer infused with Lemon & Lime – Phenomenally Refreshing
South Australia brewed and bottled. Barefoot Brewers

I was intrigued..(recently I have been going through a stage of drink Bundy, dry and lime so lime was tasting real good at the moment)
Cut to me now at home with a six pack of this beer….

First swig:
It has a very clean and refreshing taste, just like the bottle said. I was pleasantly surprised.
There is definitely an after taste of lime, not so much of the lemon but definitely the lime.
Second Swig:
This is good stuff. It is a new taste that i have been after and it is refreshing! The label doesn’t lie!
Sixth bottle:
Now the alcohol percentage is not high at 4.2% (1.1 standard drinks) but it was enough for me to put my wife to work
I put in the call (she was still at work at the time) ” I say, wife, on your way home can you do me a favour? Buy me a case of beer =)” – yes it sells better if you say it with a smile.
A coupe of beers into the case (well the cricket was on so beer had to be drank):
This is a beer you can quite easily drink 8 stubbies (only 330ml) and still feel very coherent and refreshed (I know, just like the label said!). This can cause the big problem of thinking you are right to drive.
To all the idiots out there: DON’T BLOODY DRIVE.

Overall I can see this will be a beer i will seek out on a regular basis for a refreshing (see label) and different taste. I do not think this will be a beer for all (my wife didn’t like the lime factor) but I do recommend anyone looking for a beer that has a different taste, give this one a go.
I don’t see it being a beer that someone would drink all the time but definitely one to have to break up the monotony of your regular beverage of choice.

Pub beer:Not if you want to get out alive
Couch Beer: Once in a while for a fresh taste
Regular Beer: Definitely one for me to break up the usual beers
Overall: fishrate.jpgfishrate.jpgfishrate.jpgfishrate.jpgfishrate.jpgfishrate.jpgfishrate.jpg