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Dilemma: Do you pull your pants up and then flush to indicate to possible waiters of the loo that you are done with the toilet OR do you flush then pull the pants on so you are still there in case a second flush is required to spare the next participant of the porcelain rodeo?


Thoughts from the throne #1

Ever thought about what your dirtiest (as in not clean) article of clothing is?

Is it the sock or stockings you have been wearing all day in your sweaty smelly shoe? Is it the jocks or knickers that touch your junk all day? Maybe the shirt you wear in extreme temps that has the seat dripping down the back?

Nah, I reckon the dirtiest article of clothing you wear is your belt.

Hear me out. Your socks and jocks, as sweaty as they get do get washed on a regular basis. Each time you put them on, they would be clean. What about your belt?

Have you ever considered washing your belt?

Why wash it I hear you ask. Ok think about this.

After going to the toilet, you wash your hands right? Is that before or after you put your pants back on and adjust your belt? Do you do the penguin waddle to the sink to wash your hands before you handle your belt?

I’m guessing no. This means every time you use your belt, it has the combined filth of every outing you have including the visit to the throne,

The belt, dirtiest article of clothing you own.