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So today I went and saw Captain America: Winter Soldier and loved it.
But this is not what this post is about. This stems from the end credit teaser that happens in all Marvel Studios movies. Now if you have not seen the movie yet, after slapping yourself upside the head, you better look away if you don’t want to know about the 5 mins of “nothing to do with the actual film but does hint on the Avengers 2 movie” spoiler.

You may know that the Marvel franchise has been split over more than 1 film studio. For example the X-Men are with 20th Century, Spider-man is with Columbia and the Avengers are with Marvel Studios. Meaning, never shall we see cross overs but we will see stupid things like only 20th Century can have mutants. Thats right, not even Marvel Studios, creators of the Marvel universe can have mutants in their films.
Brings me to the first point of the 1st end credit teaser (yes there are two but I left before the 2nd one dammit). The bad guy talks about Miracles and then we see a cage with 2 gifted people displaying their powers. One bouncing off walls with insane speed, the other in a darkish red look manipulating objects with her mind. Yes, these “Miracles” are in fact the Mutants, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.
These two play a part in the Avengers 2 movie. Very exciting and I for….wait…..hang on…..I seem to recall…..yes, yes I do remember…

Recently I got very excited after watching the last trailer for X-Men Days of Future Past. They showed some very cool scenes including the new mutants that are added to the X-Men universe. People like Bishop, Blink, Warpath, Quicksilver, Sunspot….hang on, Quicksilver?!
Yes, that’s right. Quicksilver the mutant, son of Magneto.

So how is this going to work? Quicksilver the mutant is in a 20th Century film but Quicksilver the miracle is in a Marvel Studios film. That wont be confusing to anyone, right?
Lets get really messy. The mutant is portrayed as a teenager in the 1960s where the miracle is portrayed as a teenager in the now. Magneto has been a main villain for the X-Men since almost day dot and yet Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch have been entrenched in the Avengers history. BUT Quicksilver’s first appearance in comics was in X-Men #4. Both Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch joined the Avengers eventually (Quicksilver was part of X-Factor 1st) but it was Xavier who asked Scarlet Witch for help which ultimately destroyed the Marvel universe as we knew it.
OOh here is another one. Avengers 2 Age of Ultron of course is a Marvel Studios film but a comic head would recall the Fantastic Four destroyed Ultron 7 but it was Dr Doom who reprogrammed Ultron 11. The Fantastic Four of course, is a 20th Century licence.

With all of this and the fact that never shall the studios mix, I can see confusion smacking non-comic fans in the face, the comic purist losing the ploy and calling shenanigans and for heads to roll and the comic readers with level heads just shaking these level heads saying “it could have been beautiful”
Studios, I say to thee, pull your head out of where it doesn’t shine, and work together to make something spectacular….or Uncanny *comic readers will get it*


Dilemma: Do you pull your pants up and then flush to indicate to possible waiters of the loo that you are done with the toilet OR do you flush then pull the pants on so you are still there in case a second flush is required to spare the next participant of the porcelain rodeo?

High School reunions

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Rambling
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This week someone form my old school found their copy of the yearbook and decided to share it on Facebook.
Apart from the terrible picture of me with the tag of Vanilla Ice (I was young and naive) this brought about some mix feelings

23 years ago is when I completed High School and over that time I have kept in touch with but a small group and remained good friends with a handful of high school people. So this post comes from out of the blue and at first I watched the comments pile up.

And it is the strangest thing, everyone has become best friends now. I’m watching people from the cool group talking about their kids with the outcast group, what are considered bullies giving shout outs to their victims and the victims returning them. I’m seeing people who were friend of friends of friends sharing intimate details about themselves.

It is quite bizarre.

And you know what is even weirder, I am also talking to these folks as if we were best buddies for the last 10 years.
It also makes me think about some friends that I would love to get in contact with that havent seen this post so of course you start trying to spread the word, track down the long lost buddies of old.
So why is that?

It has been over a score since high school and for some, just as long since speaking to anyone from high school.

Now there is talk about arranging a reunion for this year and people are keen. What is it that drives practically strangers now, to get together with people that they were friends with, shunned, didn’t know, harassed or hooked up with with 20 years ago?
I don’t have any answers, I’m just rambling but it does make one think about what you have done in the last 20+ years and you can’t help but compare to others. Maybe that is the reason you want to have the reunion, to have the one-upmanship.
Whatever it is, I am also sold into the idea of seeing folks of old and am looking to see a few key people again.

Tap King, worth it?

Posted: January 30, 2014 in Beer, Rambling, Review
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My lovely wife knows me so well. First she gave me a Coopers homebrew kit to replace my ancient set up, the next year she gave me The Beer Machine. Last Christmas I got the Tap King and I love it.
There is nothing better than pouring a cold beer into a crisp cold glass from your own fridge.


When the Tap King first hit the shelves all of the variants (James Squires Golden Ale, XXXX Gold, James Boags Premium and other not worth mentioning beer) were selling at the same price. That’s right, you could get Chancer for the same price as XXXX Gold! Beautiful!
But those days have well and truly ended.
Now they are asking for $54 for the Chancer and $35 for the Gold. (Double packs of course because what is the point of 1?)
A Tap King bottles are 3.2L each so a double pack (by their recommendations of 320ml) gives you 20 beers.
A case of Golden is about $60 with 24 beers at 345ml, a case of Gold is about $43 with 30 tinnies at 375ml.

Here comes the maths:

Golden ale – Case of stubbies = 138ml per $1 (24x345ml then divide by $60)
Golden ale – 2 bottels Tap King = 118mn per $1 (2×3.2L then divide by $54)

Hmm I’m losing 20ml of beer for every dollar I spend…not horrible when you enter the convenience factor..Lets look at Gold

XXXX Gold – case of tinnies = 261ml per $1 (30x375ml divide by $43)
XXXX Gold – 2 bottle Tap king = 182ml per $1 (2×3.2L divide by $35)

WHAT THE HELL! I’m losing almost 80ml per $1!

Ok so now think about how quickly you drink the beer. For me, I am a more than casual drinker and the Tap King never seems to last long. But why is that?

It is 6 litres of beer and it should last more than a few nights. This did have me baffled for a while as I sank another pint of beer…..a pint of beer…..Aha!

There is the issue. Drinking from a stubbie you have a set drink, you know what you are drinking and have no control on the volume of amber goodness you are drinking per stubbie. And this is where the trap lies for young players, or older more than casual drinkers that have no patience and only accept drinking pints of beer at a time from my crispy cold glass, can fall into.

Your 6 litres of beer as good value it is, when you are drinking it at 568ml per drink, you will kill your supply quickly. Solution? Use smaller glasses or, my preference, buy TWO double packs at a time.

The lesson here? Don’t drink mid strength beer, its a rip off! Oh and Tap King rocks as long as you use it for the good stuff and you stock up to cover the pints.

Thoughts from the throne #1

Ever thought about what your dirtiest (as in not clean) article of clothing is?

Is it the sock or stockings you have been wearing all day in your sweaty smelly shoe? Is it the jocks or knickers that touch your junk all day? Maybe the shirt you wear in extreme temps that has the seat dripping down the back?

Nah, I reckon the dirtiest article of clothing you wear is your belt.

Hear me out. Your socks and jocks, as sweaty as they get do get washed on a regular basis. Each time you put them on, they would be clean. What about your belt?

Have you ever considered washing your belt?

Why wash it I hear you ask. Ok think about this.

After going to the toilet, you wash your hands right? Is that before or after you put your pants back on and adjust your belt? Do you do the penguin waddle to the sink to wash your hands before you handle your belt?

I’m guessing no. This means every time you use your belt, it has the combined filth of every outing you have including the visit to the throne,

The belt, dirtiest article of clothing you own.

Its 2014, I should harass people

Posted: January 9, 2014 in Rambling

It seems every 3-6 months I remember I have his site and quickly promise I will be active, posting golden nuggets of wisdom, educating the world and rambling about footy more often.
Well I’m here to say the same thing but this time for sure!
Each Thursday I will post something, whether it be a novel length rant or an idle observation, heck maybe it will just be an emote.
But this I swear! Fishmalt will live and be updated every week*!

*Barring family commitments, work interference, social agendas or just being too lazy.


Ever wonder how much damage you are doing to eyes while wearing sunglasses?
What? Sunglasses do you damage? But they are meant to protect your eyes right?

Hear me out…..

When in the sun, without glasses, the eye’s pupil will contract to restrict the light through…and you squint to boot. Limiting as best you can, the damage the sun may do.

So lets put dark shaded glasses on with a UV protection rating. What happens to the eye?

Your eye is now protected by the sunglasses right?

But if you are in a darkened room, what do your eyes do? The pupil opens up to lets more light in and you no longer squint or try to protect your eyes. In fact you would strain to see more. So……

Wearing darkened sunglasses, you are now trying to feed more light into your eye to counteract the dark shading AND you are no longer concerned about what sunlight strength you are in.

Hmmm…..Interesting isn’t it?

The Messiah is coming!

Posted: June 20, 2009 in Rambling

ramblingThe Messiah is coming!

My wife and I held hands far too long and now we have a little us on the way!
Below is little ‘Cleetus’ first photo at just 12 weeks and 2 days….which makes it a 23rd of December aquatic exit!
cleetus wk12
I keep telling Mrs Drakkhart to hold out for 2 more days and we will have the name covered…Little Jesus Drakkhart.

I ate soooo much and it was sooo good

Posted: February 7, 2009 in Rambling

ramblingThat’s right, I am sooo full right now and I’m feeling bloody good about it.
Tonight Mrs Drakkhart and I went to the Multicultural Festival to check out their wares of food.
I prepared myself by just eating enough for lunch to leave the room for all the delicacies i would eat tonight. And eat I did, and drank I did.

First up:
Macedonian sausages (3) on a stick with chili flakes washed down with Macedonian beer
Slovenian sausage with onion in a bun wash down with Ethiopian beer
Hungry fried bread with sour cream, garlic and cheese and struggled with the Hungry dark ale so I switch to a South African beer which was delicious.
Russian beer with a polanski(?) meat type of pie with the Russian beer
An Irish cobbler made up of potato, apple, cabbage and bacon washed down with Kingfisher Indian beer
Spanish prawns skewers with herbs and spices washed down with…get this..a Canberran Banana Wheat Beer! And the beer was gooood. Well I thought so, I believe my wife started gagging on the taste =)

Why post this? Cause the day was just fantastic and I recommend everyone to go and try the food and drink. There were also live bands, live traditional dances (we checked out the Islander dance, mainly so my wife could watch the scantily clad men) and just all round good vibes (yes there were many many hippie dressed people there).

So as they say at Dilmah Teas…….Do try it.

Side note: It is a great perv for the guys…I have never seen so many women with such low cut tops…but you go for the food remember =)


BEER Top Five – at home

Posted: January 14, 2009 in Beer, Rambling

ramblingIt has come to ,my attention, that I like beer.
Its true…I do like beer.
I have drunk, made and even reviewed it. So it dawned on me that I never actually said what my beers of choice are.
Because you are all dying to know, here is the first installment. What do I mean 1st installment? Well beer is so good and there are so many occasions, I have decided to have 5 catagories/occassions and list the top 5 beers of choice.
Here is the 1st installment.

Beer at HOME
Nothing better than having a nice cold stubbie of beer after work on your fav couch with the tv on with hopefully the cricket. Here are my top 5 beers for home consumption:

1 Boag’s Draught draught
Easily the crispest, full flavoured, full strength beer on the market at standard shelf level. I was so happy when the pubs finally clued on and put Boag’s on tap. Speaking of tap, check this out.
2 Carlton Midcarlmid
Yes I know, not a full strength beer, what am I thinking? I’m thinking I can down a fair few and not get strife with the wife or struggle to get up in the morning.
3 Barefoot Radlerbarefoot
The beer to break the taste of all other beer. I am really a fan of the Barefoot. It really is phenomenally refreshing.
4 Carlton Blackcarlblack
One of my favourite dark ales, if not my favourite. Love the bitter taste, love the hint of coffee, love the not as thick as stout but thicker than draught.
5 Hammer & TongsBeerD5
Yep, cheap $25-30 a case of beer sneaks into my top 5. Why? Well look at the price for a full strength beer and it does come from the Boag’s brewery. It does have a weak boag’s taste, its smooth but not for the full flavour lovers.