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Brad Crouch is out for at least two weeks with a hamstring injury.

This will hurt a few Fantasy coaches. With many looking at trading out Viney  because of his now higher BE and tired looking play, many would have gone with Crouch.

Crouch has been averaging 73 in his 3 games with a BE of -31 and expected change of over $40,000 but the question now is do you hold on to him and Viney?

Of course not. Again with the 2 trades per week every week, dump Crouch for someone like Sam Mayes of Brisbane or Michael Evans of Melbourne. Both are on the bubble for their first price rise but who do you choose?

Mayes Evans
Games played 2 2
Position Mid/Fwd Mid
Price  $152,200  $108,500
Average 85 84.5
Breakeven -78 -103
Expeted rise  $69,500  $80,100
Job Security Good Good
Next 3 Opp Mel/Syd/WCE Bri/Car/GC

The Pro for Mayes is his dual position but is it worth the extra $40,000+? Looking at the next 3 oppositions, Evans has both Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Or do you take both? Viney looks tired so a Evans switch seems smart which leaves Crouch goes out for Mayes. Simple

*WRENCH – now looking at 2nd gamers this is where it can get interesting. Players such as Paparone (71), Kerridge (79) and Macrae ( 64) all had very good game one matches. For me Paparone stood out last week from the 3. He started as a sub but with an early injury to McGrath, he came on early with a quick impact in the game and could mark (7) and kick goals (3). I for one am very interesting in his 2nd outing this week.

So for me I think I hold onto Viney another week with his BE of 30 to see how Paparone goes, Dump Crouch for Mayes for the dual position.

And don’t forget Kommer is due back next round.


Episode 2 of One Troll Short has been released. Because of some editing issues, it is late and unfortunately after the completion of round 2 in the AFL.
But listen, enjoy and take note in what I had to say about Fremantle!

One Troll Short episode 2

Oh and it does look like these podcasts will be all about AFL and Dream Team….we just can’t fit anything else in.

One Troll Short

Posted: March 24, 2010 in One Troll Short
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What is One Troll Short?
Myself (as Grizzlee on broadcast) and a good mate of mine, Bifrost, have come to the conclusion that when we ramble about football (AFL), Dream Team, comics, movies and , well anything and everything, that we should not be selfish.
We should not deny the world of our brilliance and expert opinions so we present you with….

One Troll Short

Two blokes with beer talking about the long awaited 2010 AFL season, the new season of the addictive Dream Team and of course the exciting world of being a fanbpy of comics and movies….
The first episode is the intro and goes for a bit longer than the regular broadcast will. Sit back and listen if you dare and feel free to post comments.

One Troll Short episode 1 part 1
One Troll Short episode 1 part 2
One Troll Short episode 1 part 3