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moviebutton What the? A movie tag for the biggest online game ever?
Yep it has been in the rumour mills for years and it has finally been confirmed.
World of Warcraft has been confirmed for a 2011 release as a movie.
And Sam Raimi will direct it. I think that this is the only good part.
I once was a WoW addict and as most know a MMO addict but to this day I can not see the fascination to play WoW still. It is monotonous, it is elitist, it has no questing flavour and it is all about must have the best gear. Now they make a movie!
Well Sam Raimi makes some damn fine flicks such as Evil Dead Army of Darkness and Spiderman 2 to name a couple but WoW? Come on.
And as if any hardcore WoWer would log off to see the movie. Damn, I just imagined Cheap arse Tuesday night at a cinema when the servers are down for maintenance….*cringe*


Tim Burton is back with….9

Posted: June 15, 2009 in Movies, Random
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moviebuttonTim Burton, who of course brought you great animated films of Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride, has brought us another animated film….and it looks good!
In fact I felt the shiver of excitement hit when I 1st watched the trailer.

9 is the film and it will be released on the 09/09/2009.
Check out the trailer and tell me you aren’t keen for it.

The official site