Kneejerkers progress round 3

Posted: April 10, 2014 in AFL Fantasy
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aflfantasyRound 3 happened. It was not pretty for me and by the sounds of it, not pretty for many other fantasy coaches in the Classic League

A score of 1948 after a great start hurt, dropping to rank 9165 overall. How did this happen?

Le Cras breaking an arm was a good start but having 10 players fail to score more than 80 was the killer. Polec, Tyson, DMartin, Caddy, TMitchell and Langford (Enright cover) were the big disappointments but the biggest painful score came from the ruckman, Hickey. A score of 39 is atrocious. I knew he would struggle against the Eagles but I thought he would get at least a respectable score.

Trading this week?
Le Cras of course is out and as with every other fantasy coach, Jackson Merret looks to be the obvious choice. When he is priced at a lazy $382,972 with an average of 92.2 including scores of 111 v North Melbourne and 94 v Hawthorn you can see why people are jumping on him. No I will not comment on the game vs the Carlton under 12s and the cheap 131 he score.
With a BE of -2 it is the instant cash injection all coaches dream of, $80k for the trade and a a low BE is made for fantasy.
So that’s the 1st trade sorted out.

Hickey – do I stick with him? We know he won’t be a premium ruckman and was always there to make money but with a Break Even (BE) of just 45 is it too early to pull the trigger? With the extra cash, Mumford, the ruckman of the moment, could slot in very easy. Seems like an obvious choice.
Except for 2 reasons.
Chapman had a ankle injury last week and the rumour is, Essendon will not fly him to Perth to let him rest. Eagles v Bombers is a Sunday match so I wont know until Friday night if this comes true.
Wingard IS out this week with his injured ankle which does mean my bench needs to step in. But that bench consists of Green Vest Kennedy-Harris (29 average) and Rohan (44 average). Not a great prospect for a league match.
Question is, do I take the hit this week with a Rohan and possibly KH score on the field and bring in Mumford OR do I ride the Hickey train one more week and trade KH out for someone like Fasolo?
At this point I’m staying with Hickey. He should bounce back vs Adelaide and with the extra $100k for the Merret/Fasolo trade, even with Mumford’s BE of 45, I should be able to pick up the mummy next week.

Now the 1st two rounds are completed in the Elite Draft league and I havent been able to share my team with you. Consider it shared:
Kneejerkers Elite rd3
I think I lucked out with some of the pick ups I received.
My rucks have been the talk of the One Troll Short league with managing to get Cox, Hickey and Lobbe. Other key players have been Chapman, Suckling, Beams, Zorko and MThomas. I have done some Free Agent trading and did manage to grab Bugg, MCrouch and Fasolo. This has given me great coverage in all parts of the field.
And so far this has worked with scores of 1561 and 1407 giving 2 wins and sitting on top of the ladder. The draft game is intriguing. You arent looking at trades each week like the Classic form and your tactic is so very different. I am now thinking I would like more strength in my Mids but to do that, I need to convince another player to release that strength so what do I offer?
I have 3 strong rucks but to lose one means I’m short an emergency in the rucks. Hickey would be my choice to move on but would anyone take him after his 39? I’m keen to see how this plays out.
What? How did I get the rucks of choice? We had an auto draft so you need your preference players listed before hand. My thoughts were most coaches will have the Premium Mids as first choice but Mids are always high point players so I want to make sure I get the high points players from the weaker (points) positions so after the top 8 Mids I listed 3 rucks, after the next 8 mids I had 3 defenders but defenders that were back from injury, rookies or expecting breakout year in case other coaches had the premium defender listed higher and then after the next 8 mids i did the same with the Forwards as I did the Defenders, breakouts/return from injury players in a group of 3. I did bet on the fact some of the coaches did nothing with their preference list so they would just get the highest ranked players whether they are injured or not. (I made sure all long term injured players were placed in the 300s.)
First time I tried the Draft and I am happy with result.

I think I have made up for the no AFL Fantasy postings of the last two weeks with this one. I shall stop my rambling and monitor the Chapman story. Oh you may get spammed this weekend as I’ll be at the GWS v Bulldogs match on Saturday and the Sydney v the mighty North Melbourne Kangaroos on Sunday. You have been warned.


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