Almost here, AFL round 1

Posted: March 13, 2014 in AFL, AFL Fantasy
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The mad panic, the sweating over NAB challenge stats, the last minute changes to the fantasy team, the shocking results of the draft and saying farewell to the wife and kids for 7 months. That is my evening and I love it.

I’m not going to show my round 1 team here but I can tell you there have been many changes since the Post NAB Challenge team was posted (about 7 changes I think). What brought about the changes?

Practice games, DT Talk, my own advice (Currie you are outta here!), Fantasy Freako, The Traders and sometime cowardice to be different.

The result? A very vanilla forward and backline and little imagination to the rucks. What about the midfield? Well The Cotch and Beams stayed but I did bring in a Shinboner (North Melbourne for you heathens) that I expect to have a break out year. No wait, he was there already….

But this is where I am nervous. Have I a made a strong enough midfield without the core 4 of Johnson, Ablett, Swan or Pendlebury. Ah but with the Free Hit for round one, it cant hurt that bad.


That’s right, a Free Hit for Round 1. This means after the completion of round 1, you have unlimited trades and no price changes so you could rebuild your entire team for round 2! Which does lead to making a absolutely customised round 1 gun team to get a good head start. I I had the time and the site wouldn’t keep saying “Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again” i would do just that.

The message is also why this post is a little bland. I wanted to talk the Elite draft results but since the website and app are down, you get this rambling.


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