Kneejerkers, Post NAB Challenge

Posted: March 6, 2014 in AFL, AFL Fantasy
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aflfantasy Well what do we take away from the NAB Challenge this year? I gave a quick list of observations after round 1 of the Challenge and most of it I still hold true.

Now if I put these observation into play and relook at my Fantasy team Pre-Challenge. Make some slight changes, start taking into account the byes, remember Brisbane has the toughest draw of the year, calculate the ‘2nd year blues’ factor and carry the 1, I get a team that looks like this:

Kneejerkers PostNAB

Wow, what a new team.

4 changes in the backline, 7 changes in the midfeild, 2 changes in the ruck and 5 changes in the forward line. That’s a huge 18 changes from a possible 30 players!

Why the mass changes?


  • Houli OUT – Malceski IN — Houli was underwhelming in his run on the field. He played almost 80% of the matches and was well down on his 85 average while band-aid Malceski was on fire and as long as he stays fit, he did play every game last year, he is a lock
  • Hansen OUT – Simpson IN — Always been a fan of Ned Kelly Simpson and aftwr watching North’s matches, it became quite clear North could be in a bit of strife without Swallow. The concern though is the low possession game of Mick Malthouse. Not ideal for Fantasy football
  • Kolodjashnij OUT – Clurey IN — Simple, if I cant say your name, your out. Well the big hype K didnt play a match where Clurey will be playing and playing and playing. Even coach Hinkley agrees and with scores of 80 and 81 in the NAB, it is not hard to see why.
  • Laidler OUT – Georgiou IN — As long as he gets elevated from the rookie list, Georgiou should be in most Fantasy teams. Knows how to use the ball, looks like he has been playing AFL for a few seasons. Lock him in…but if he doesn’t get elevated, welcome back Laidler.


  • Swan OUT – Rockliff IN — Swan was always too expensive and I dont think he was ever going to be in my starting line up. Rockliff was on the cusp of the Pre team and after seeing highlights from the GC game it was easy to bump off Swan for Rocky.
  • Watson OUT – Cotchin IN — If you didn’t see the Tigers play, then just trust me, get the Cotch in your team. He looks to be back to his high scoring days. Ignore the 61 from the Melbourne match and remember the 119 points per 100 minutes he scored over 2 games.
  • Selwood OUT – Vince IN — The new head high rules could backfire on the veteran ‘shoulder-shrug’ Selwood and Vince looks set to have a big year at the Demons. Melbourne showed they will be playing high possession football and Roos will get the best from them.
  • Ellis OUT – Cunnington IN — With Swallow out, Cunnington was always going to step up but did he ever step up?! Lack lustre performances for my Shinboner boys has me concerned but Cunnington will have his breakout year that has been predicated for the last 3 years. 83 and 112 gave him a score of 127 per 100 minutes! And that 112 was vs the Hawks.
  • Thomas OUT – Shiels IN — There are 5 players of the same price point that I wanted to fit in Caddy (GE), Shiels (HA), Savage (SK), Macrae (WB) and Thomas (CA). After watching the Hawks, Shiels was a must, Savage is a Saint and that will hurt his consistency, Macrae looks fantastic, Caddy fills a whole in my FWDS and then there is Thomas. Again it came down to the low possession Blues game plan.
  • Young OUT – Macrae IN — Couldn’t even remember why Young was in at the start and Macrae looks on fire.


  • Nankervis OUT – Derickx IN – Filling a gap and I think Derickx will play ahead of Nankervis.
  • Longer OUT – Currie IN — I know, I know. I said do not do it but Currie fills a gap in the byes so shut up.


  • Franklin OUT – Gunston IN — Franklin’s poor start vs Gunston’s good start. As basic as you get.
  • Lamb OUT – Pavlich IN — I was at the GWS game v Sydney and I had trouble finding Lamb on the field. Pavlich looks to be back to his awesome self but I am aware he has a habit of having slow starts in the season.
  • Clark OUT – Caddy IN — If only Clark got on the field just once but his small injury makes him a trade down target. Unless he plays round 1 anyway.
  • Fasolo OUT – Daniher IN – Not enough of Fasolo to lock him in where it is very clear Daniher is the main target up front for the Bombers and with a 2 ruck required, he should get plenty of game time.
  • Bock OUT – Kennedy-Harris IN — Like most coaches we were hoping Bock could get on the field and be that cash cow for our forwards but no. Injury is still keeping him on the beach, I mean bench. Kennedy-Harris looks to get plenty of run and he can play some good footy.

So there you have it. The new look Kneejerkers.

There may be some more changes before round 1 as I still have doubts over a couple of players. Normally I have a Premium/Rookie build but with the lack of star rookies in the Forwards and Backs, this year is more Premium/Breakout or injury return/sprinkle of rookies build.

Have a look, I always welcome feedback (especially if it is constructive and gets me that edge over the Ex-Cruciates)


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