Tap King, worth it?

Posted: January 30, 2014 in Beer, Rambling, Review
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My lovely wife knows me so well. First she gave me a Coopers homebrew kit to replace my ancient set up, the next year she gave me The Beer Machine. Last Christmas I got the Tap King and I love it.
There is nothing better than pouring a cold beer into a crisp cold glass from your own fridge.


When the Tap King first hit the shelves all of the variants (James Squires Golden Ale, XXXX Gold, James Boags Premium and other not worth mentioning beer) were selling at the same price. That’s right, you could get Chancer for the same price as XXXX Gold! Beautiful!
But those days have well and truly ended.
Now they are asking for $54 for the Chancer and $35 for the Gold. (Double packs of course because what is the point of 1?)
A Tap King bottles are 3.2L each so a double pack (by their recommendations of 320ml) gives you 20 beers.
A case of Golden is about $60 with 24 beers at 345ml, a case of Gold is about $43 with 30 tinnies at 375ml.

Here comes the maths:

Golden ale – Case of stubbies = 138ml per $1 (24x345ml then divide by $60)
Golden ale – 2 bottels Tap King = 118mn per $1 (2×3.2L then divide by $54)

Hmm I’m losing 20ml of beer for every dollar I spend…not horrible when you enter the convenience factor..Lets look at Gold

XXXX Gold – case of tinnies = 261ml per $1 (30x375ml divide by $43)
XXXX Gold – 2 bottle Tap king = 182ml per $1 (2×3.2L divide by $35)

WHAT THE HELL! I’m losing almost 80ml per $1!

Ok so now think about how quickly you drink the beer. For me, I am a more than casual drinker and the Tap King never seems to last long. But why is that?

It is 6 litres of beer and it should last more than a few nights. This did have me baffled for a while as I sank another pint of beer…..a pint of beer…..Aha!

There is the issue. Drinking from a stubbie you have a set drink, you know what you are drinking and have no control on the volume of amber goodness you are drinking per stubbie. And this is where the trap lies for young players, or older more than casual drinkers that have no patience and only accept drinking pints of beer at a time from my crispy cold glass, can fall into.

Your 6 litres of beer as good value it is, when you are drinking it at 568ml per drink, you will kill your supply quickly. Solution? Use smaller glasses or, my preference, buy TWO double packs at a time.

The lesson here? Don’t drink mid strength beer, its a rip off! Oh and Tap King rocks as long as you use it for the good stuff and you stock up to cover the pints.

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