Fishmalt Golf Day – January: The Results

Posted: January 24, 2010 in Golf
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And they are off….Fishmalt Golf Day 2010 has begun.

And what a day it was. After the Saturday sitting at a scorching 35+ degrees, many feared the first Golf Day of the year was going to be like playing under a grill. The good news was, the weather came out perfect.

An early morning start, low clouds and a gentle cool breeze made today a day to play the best golf of your life.

Unfortunately for us, best golf in our lives, isn’t a high standard.

With 3 new players and only 3 core players, the tournament began. Without handicaps, it made for a very interesting day with fairly tight overall scores but the skins and cash were taken away by one bloke. A new bloke too….not sure if we will invite him back.

January Belconnen Magpies Golf Club
Shots Par 72 Won Tied $ Handicap
Ben 105 33 9 1 $28 n/a
Shazza 106 34 5 3 $20 n/a
The Snake 131 59 1 2 $6 n/a
Delta 138 66 0 0 $0 n/a
Viking 148 76 0 0 $0 n/a
Funook 160 88 0 0 $0 n/a

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