Oettinger Pils – beer

Posted: August 12, 2009 in Beer, Review

review It has been a fair break between beer reviews and I wish this beer was worth the wait.
It wasn’t.
I was in need of a new beer as I wanted to get this review thing back up and running but it seems my local (I have moved so its a new local) has bugger all choices.
I see this Oettinger, 500ml tinnies, sitting there and I said “what the hell”. sidenote: they are available in stubbies but only 330ml so I upgraded
I take a swig straight from the can and it was super bubbly. I mean really carbonated with a tinnie taste. So I poured the second into a glass. Still super bubbly with a tin taste.
The colour of the beer was a sickly yellow and has the after taste effect of eating pop rocks
The first thought I had of taste was…garlic, yeah I know. Not a good thing. And its was very weak.
It says its 4.7% (1.9std drinks) but that can only be if you do not eat, move and drink the 6 in one go.
If you haven’t worked it out yet, I was not a fan.

Pub beer: Not likely to even find it let alone have the courage to order it.

Couch beer: No….no and no.

Regular beer: Take a guess….

Overall: fishratefishrate


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