Golf Day – June update

Posted: June 15, 2009 in Golf
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golfThis month’s Golf Day has been confirmed for this Sunday, 21st June.
It is our 1st real interstate game and our 1st full 18 hole round. Details are:

Yass Golf Club
Tee off is at 10am
There are 2 carts booked so far. One is taken by myself and Delta. The other is taken by The Snake and his ‘date’ so if you need a cart you need to book one through the pro shop.
I don’t know how much for the round or the carts. I forgot to ask =(

Handicaps are in play and look like this:
Woodsy – 0; Frog – 3; Drakkhart – 9; Big Bruce – 21; The Snake – 31 and Delta – 37. Everyone else haven’t played enough to qualify for a handicap yet.

Transport? Discuss amongst yourselves to organise transport. I have space for one and Delta has already pinched it.


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