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Posted: November 28, 2008 in Beer, Review
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reviewBeen awhile since I have review any beers but after drinking Carlton’s latest creation, Natural Blonde, I had to do one.

Apparantly it is so new, I can’t find an official site. So here is a pic so you know what I am talking about:


Right here goes….

Carlton’s Natural Blonde is the latest Blonde beer to flood the market. They already have Pure Blonde so why bring out another blonde?

This new Blonde states it has 4.2% alcohol, no preservatives, no additives and 70% less carbohydrates than a regular full strength beer.

I can tell you what it definitely has less of……Flavour. There is none. It is probably the most bland beer I have drunk and yes I am including the beers form the Kings Cross “clubs”.

There is very little fiz, body or even an aroma. You could easily take a case to a party and know you will be the only one drinking it (and probably laughed at for doing so).

For me, a good beer needs to have a good distinct flavour like the Boag’s and dark ales. (and the radlers). This beer is one I will not be drinking again.

Well I guess it would be a good beer for indian, thai or other spicy dishes where you just need to rinse the mouth without killing the flavour of the meal.

Pub beer: hell no and I don’t think it would make it to ‘on tap’ unless carlton spends big.

Couch Beer: only with indian and I had no other choice.

Regular beer: No. I will be sticking with Boag’s Classic Blonde as my blonde of choice. We are still talking beer right?

Overall: fishratefishratefishrate

  1. Barbara says:

    I am not even going to taste Carlton’s so called ‘Natural Blonde’ for the fact that Carlton did not create this name of Natural Blonde, and i have heard many bad reports on the taste of it. The first Natural Blonde and the only great refreshing Natural Blonde beer was created by Grand Ridge brewery (Australia, Vic) over 10years ago! The beer has no preservative, no chemicals (besides water, H2O) or added sugars. With the infusion of corriander and the addition of orange peel, yum yum, this beer is an unique tasting, summery type of beer, and extremely popular with ‘non beer drinkers’… Grand ridge beers are my favourite, if you ever come across one, try me people 😀

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