Golf Day!

Posted: July 14, 2008 in Golf

So after a glorious 9 holes of golf last Sunday, we have decided to make a habit of it.

So to all those out there who will be participating in the monthly Golf Day, make sure you read The Golf Page for the details of where, what and how you can earn some cash!

Next meet is:

Sunday 3rd August
9.30 start
Capital Golf Course in Narrabundah

Let me know if you can/can’t make it soe we can get the numbers right.

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  2. Big Dave says:

    I wont be able to make it this time. I’ll be down at my parents place

    Have fun tho


  3. Sparky says:

    Looks like I’ve started a trend – I’ll win next time though

  4. TheBaron says:

    Im in for a game….anyone want to go halves in a golf kart??

  5. Big Dave says:

    Well looks like I will be able to go this time. Plans have changed

  6. drakkhart says:

    Funny thing….I don’t think I can make it. Its the same day as the Dogs play the Swans at Manuka.

  7. hey there’s nothing more important than a golf tournament! Put all else on the backburner…

  8. TheBaron says:

    Looks like im out to….very poor at the moment….trying to get out of debt by 25th Dec…

  9. kutarere says:

    Hehe! Good to see Big Dave has sorted his priorities out! Parents before golf? I don’t think so!

  10. BRYNNE says:

    thanks for this article.
    In fact I was getting to the point where I didn’t want to ask my friends if they wanted to play a round in case they refused. I was getting to the point were I was almost ready to give up completely.

  11. Golf tournaments are the best way to improve your game. They push your limits and force you to play your best game. And even if you don’t have your best day, your game usually becomes better after one.

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