Carlton Dry – beer

Posted: February 7, 2008 in Beer, Review
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review4.jpgEither my IGA is not restocking their beer quickly enough or I am drinking far too fast..

So I go to get some more of the Barefoot Radler only to find they have sold out (I think I bought the lot). Once more I need a beer that i don’t normally drink.
And there was this dark blue label with silver writing beckoning me to touch it.

Carlton Dry – Premium Lager
Lower Carbohydrates, Smooth Finish
Victorian brewed and bottled

Hmm, looks like Carlton’s answer to Toohey’s Extra Dry. Which for me, is not a good thing.
I will state now that I do not enjoy Toohey’s Extra Dry for 2 reasons, a: the taste – it is like a beer trying not to be a beer, weak in flavour and b: the morning after I always have the worst headaches no matter how much, or little, I drank.
So you can see I was hesitant to try Carlton Dry

But here we go…..

Fist swig:
I was right, it is an exact replicate of Toohey’s Extra Dry. So much so, if you pour each into a glass, I guarantee you couldn’t pick the two apart.
Second swig
If a beer could ever taste cold, this would be it. It does have a very “straight from the fridge” taste even when sitting for 10mins. It is a smooth beer without a nasty after taste but with its weak flavour it is almost like beer cordial.
Sixth bottle:
With an alcohol content of 4.5% (1.3 standard drinks) you could get drunk on this easily and you will feel it. Problem is , for me at least, the headache was already on its way, with a dull ” I ate my icecream to fast” feel.
Sorry folks but I will not go through a case of this one. The next morning after the 6 my head felt like it grew 3 times but on on the inside.
Recommendations? Anyone who drinks Toohey’s Extra Dry and wants to try something different but safe, try Carlton Dry. You may taste the subtle difference but you will still get the same cold taste. I don’t see this being popular in pubs or clubs, not while Toohey’s has such a strong foothold already.

Its strange but this beer (just like Toohey’s) always reminds my of ADFA punks trying to be All That They Can Be where in fact they are just, well, funny looking.

Pub beer: Only if pubs replaced Tooheys Extra Dry………and it was free.
Couch Beer: again, only if you ran out of Toohey’s………and it was free.
Regular: Hell no, not for me. Sometime I wonder if the Dry beers have shares in Aspirin.


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