So Join In The Chorus And Sing It One And All!

Pretenders, Contenders with a splash of controversy

The Pretenders:

Richmond (13th 1-3) again finds a way to lose. With a great record in WA, they were confident only to be bullied by West Coast. Bringing in Delidio cannot pull the Tigers out of this slump. Maybe resigning Hardwick at the start of the season was a little premature

Fremantle (17th 0-4) who would have seen this coming? A team that has the current Brownlow medalist, Minor Premiers of 2015. Grand finalists of 2013. They looked slow in round 1, old in round 2, shocked in round 3 and demoralized in round 4. No team has made finals from a 0-4 start.

Collingwood (15th 1-3) with all their recruiting, their powerful midfield they still lack forwards and defenders. Swan is a huge loss, Pendles in playing a horrible role and they cant hold the ball for long enough. Finals berth for the Pies? I wouldn’t lock it in Eddie.

The Contenders

West Coast (6th 3-1) Demolished the Tigers with brutality and desire. This has been their play over 3 matches. Dropping the 2015 Grand Final replay where the Hawks are in their head. Their running game from defence is brilliant and while others try to stop Kenndey gives the rise to Darling. I tipped them to be premiers this year and its hard to see where I went wrong.

Adelaide (7th 3-1) Dangerfield who? MIssing there number 1 has given life to their midfield engine. The likes of Crouch, Sloane and the ever young Thompson have performed higher than expected. Its their forward line that is the damage dealer: Jenkins is coming into his own, Tex and Betts still impressive and Tom Lynch is doing his role above expectation. This Friday night will be the tell…vs the Hawks

Western Bulldogs (2nd 3-1) If you are new to AFL and are intrigued about the game, watch the Doggies. Their brand of footy is glorious to watch. The youth of Dahlhaus, The Bonte, Stringer, Macrae, Libba, Hunter, Johannisen, Caleb and the list goes on, are putting it to each and every team they face. Their biggest challenge now are on the injuries front. Murphy, the ‘father’ of the pups is a huge long term out. Now they have lost Johannisen for 10 weeks and Boyd for a stint. This is where the will need to prove the breed.

North Melbourne (1st 4-0) I’m adding this mainly because they are on top of the ladder. The only undefeated team in the league. Winning games that 2-3 years ago they would have found a way to lose. The first time since 1998 they have been 4-0 which they did make the Grand Final but lost. I am pumped to see them on top of the ladder but I am realistic enough to know wins against Freo are a given and Brisbane and Melbourne are true contender wins so until North takes down a Hawthorn, Sydney or West Coast it is hard to make a true Contender call with the hardest fixture in the league.

Prediction flashback

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aflfootyRound 23 has been completed, finals are here (CARN THE ROOS!) so its stime to look back at the ladder predictions made at before round 1:
So what did I have way back in March compared to actual wash up. Well I wasn’t that far off the mark. Biggest miss was having Collingwood in 8 and Port not. I predicated Hawks in 2nd and North in 6th….

Prediction Actual
1st Fremantle Sydney
2nd Hawthorn Hawthorn
3rd Sydney Geelong
4th Collingwood Fremantle
5th Richmond Port Adelaide
6th North Melbourne North Melbourne
7th Geelong Essendon
8th Essendon Richmond
9th Port Adelaide West Coast
10th Gold Coast Adelaide
11th Carlton Collingwood
12th Western Bulldogs Gold Coast
13th West Coast Carlton
14th Adelaide Western Bulldogs
15th Melbourne Brisbane
16th Brisbane GWS
17th St Kilda Melbourne
18th GWS St Kilda

So I got 7 of the top 8 right, I did say the Saints would battle for the wooden spoon (only battle they won I guess). Gold Coast were in the 8 until GAblett went down but they were still a big mover.
I predicted Freo to take the Flag. It could still happen. They have found some great form and Fyfe is back but Johnson is gone. Sydney and Hawthorn will be the teams to be beat and we know at least one, if not both, will be there.
I’m excited North made it and they have beaten Sydney, Hawthorn, Fremantle, Port Adelaide and Richmond in season but of course the two teams they have beaten is Essendon and Geelong. Elimination round is vs Essendon this week and if North win and so does Hawthorn, North plays Geelong the following week!

Next I’ll chat about how the Kneejerkers went in AFL Fantasy and Elite this year.

Day 1 – Woke up today in the middle of a field. No idea where I was, how I got there; hell I was struggling to remember my name. First thing i see is a burnt out car with what looks like someone leaning against it.
Maybe they will know what the fuck is going on.
As I get closer, the smell of death hits me, the blood splatter on once was a luxury over priced gold car, maybe a Lexus; can be seen. Holy shit, this bloke looks like he has been ripped in half.
What the fuck is going on? And why is it when I see the guys innards on the road that I realise, I’m starving.
Search the car, see if the sorry fella has any food. He certainly wont be needing it.
Damn, not much there but a can of Spam? That shit still exists? Anyway there is a backpack on the back seat. Time to load up and work out where the hell am I.
Gagging, I search the fella for some keys on the slim hope the car may still run. Nothing, some scrap metal (everyone carries that right?) some more Spam (must have been a Spam Rep or something) but no keys. Looking around I see a few more bags on the road. Maybe the guy tried throwing Spam at what ever got him. Anyway no keys but did find some 9mm ammo. Who was this guy and why was he packing? And where is the gun?
I was too busy looting the blokes stuff to notice the sound of shuffling of feet and moaning. Well not until it was almost on top of me.
Looking up and almost scaring the shit out of me, I come face to face with some weird naughty looking nurse. Maybe my day is about to get better.
“Miss you ok?” She was so pale looking, lipstick messed up, dirt all over her uniform…..and her eyes….dead looking eyes. Holy shit, that isn’t messed up lippie. This nurse is covered in blood and getting far too close.
Backing up I start to get some distance between me and what ever this nurse is. She keeps coming. Slowly, dragging her feet, ignoring the broken glass, the rubbish and through the innards of my man leaning on the car.
This is some messed up shit right here. Fuck this, I’m outta here.
At to which point as I turn to run, I see more figures in the trees around me. Three of them, coming my direction. I’m not staying to find out if they are friendly.
I high tail it through the woods. Whatever these things are, they are not quick and I soon lose them.
Fuck I’m hungry.
Stopping for a breather, I now have the chance to get some Spam on. Fucking ring pull is broken.
Time to go native and find a rock.
After smashing my thumb twice, I dine on the meat of some mythological creature that is Spam. Hmm that rock hurt almost as much as the Spam.
If these, can I really say it, zombie-like things come around again, I may need more than my running ability and a can of spam.
Looking around, I have my rock, some sticks and no clue. What would MacGyver do? Fucked if I know, I’m not that old. So what would Sam from SG-1 do? So I put my best crappy accent on, act all high and mighty and …..hmm if I have something to tie the rock to the stick, I would have an axe.
Thank you Sam Carter.
Now lets find some civilization and get some answers.
Walking for few hours , I think northish I can see some buildings finally. Good timing too, sun is setting and I don’t want to be stuck in the woods at night.
I get to the first building and hear some movement inside. Thank Christ, people!
Before I can take another step, I’m grabbed around the mouth and dragged down. Looking up to see the face of a, maybe early twenties, girl. Staring at me she whispers “what the fuck are you doing. Are you looking to die?”
Inside I can hear the movement has become a little more frantic.
The lass starts moving me away from the building but making sure we stay down low.
This girl never tells me her name but she does tell me inside that building are things that want to rip out my spleen for tea.
“What is going on?” I ask.
She looks at me in some weird way, not sure if its disbelief or she is weighing me up to kill. I notice the pick axe in her hand.
Not now, she says. She tells me, if i want to survive tonight, we need to get in that house.
She almost laughed at me when I ask can we just knock and ask to come in. She explained more of my dead nurse friends are in there and they will hunt me down and kill me and better yet, eat me.
What the hell?
She’ll explain more but first we need to clear out that house and get to the roof before the sun has gone. Night time is bad apparently.

So here I am, armed with some shitty hand made stone axe, with a girl who is clearly mad but is carrying a pickaxe so who am I going to argue. We are about to go into hell-knows what to ‘clear out the house’. I am shit scared, I have no idea what is behind that door.
She asks if I’m ready, I think I nodded because next thing I know, the door is open and some crazy half naked man is running at me! Running! Since when do they run?
I froze but just before I was a meal for nude guy, the girl’s pick axe finds home, spraying blood all over me from nude guy’s head.
This girl is hardcore and I think I have soiled myself.
I recall her telling me to get my shit together as she charges inside. Not sure what surprised me more, that fact that I actually followed or that I actually survived.
There were 3 more of those things inside, one look like he had been jogging all day, another freaking looking cheerleader and of course, my kill; the legless one. This one was slow enough for me to grow some balls and put my shitty axe through its head.
Before I had truly realised what I had just done, this girl was ripping every cupboard open, searching for anything and everything. Looking at me it was clear I should pull my shit together and start helping.
Upstairs looked like a nice apartment, comfy lounges, TV, nice lamps, a curtain up to separate the bedroom and a ladder. Wait, what? A ladder?
The roof she said.
Before I could go up, and as if I wanted too, this girl’s axe starts smashing up the furniture. For torches she said, without light, you die she says.
After placing torches at the base of the ladder, we go. Her first of course and because I’m a gentleman and not because I’m still freaking out.
Roof was clear and she tells me we will stay here tonight. Just in time as night has fallen. She starts throwing down some bedding, a single sleeping bag and she tells me not to get any ideas.
“So what the hell is going on?”
She stops mid way opening a labelless can of who-knows-what. She stares at me, again I feel I am being sized up.
Before she can say anything, a huge crash from downstairs is heard.
She curses, looks at me and tells me if we don’t kill whatever that is, they’ll destroy the whole frigging building. Down we go. Into hell.
It seems these things have gotten in through the front door. And there is a shit load of them and they are quick.
She pulls out a shotgun, no idea where she was hiding that. She screams at me to get back upstairs and do not move until daylight. I run, I don’t care if people think I’m a coward, I was scared shitless so I ran.
On the roof I can here shotgun blasts, inhuman screams, destruction and then…..nothing.
Too terrified to move, I wait for the dawn.

aflfantasyClearly my hype around Andrew Swallow has not paid off.
Bringing him in before round 13 after Watson was injured, has produced scores of 78 and 84.
And last week he gets injured (was kind enough to get his BE first)
The Cash we were hoping to make has capped out at just over $2k. Now you need to dump him.
Hopefully you didn’t go too big with the cash already and you can bring in a premium mid like Barlow or Goddard.

With all my ranting and fanboy dribble for Swallow, I will be trading him out but I will be bringing in another North boy that just 1% of teams have. This lad has been averaging 115 in last 3 games and 124 in last 5. He finished with 127 last week and has a highest score of 147.
Levi Greenwood. Midfielder $555,690.

This man has been a machine since round 7. Where ever there is the ball, you will find Greenwood. His huge scores are not vs minnows of the league either 147 – Port, 120 – Gold Coast, 146 – Geelong, 133 West Coast oh and 127 – Melbourne. This week North play Brisbane again. Last they meet he scored just 91 points with 27 disposals.
It is hard to ignore North players with such an easy line up to the finals. Look at the 4 teams North play for the Fantasy finals – GWS, Bulldogs, Crows and Demons. To get there, North plays Saints, Blues and Cats (remember the 146 last time). Yes they have the Hawks as well but hey.

Levi Greenwood – great POD and on fire. Just saying.

aflfantasySince the pre-season of 2014 started, I have been spouting words of wisdom on AFL Fantasy do’s and dont’s.
At no point do I ever claim I actually know what I’m talking about by the way.
We are now entering into round 13, the mid point of the season, the time when your team should be just about complete. It is also a good time to reflect on how well your team is going. Also the time, if you are doing well, to panic and question every trade you do from here on in.
So did I listen to my own advice?

Team from round 2 (Original Line up):
DEF: K. Simpson, D. Swallow, M. Hibberd, W. Langford, T. Langdon, M. Suckling, C. Enright, A. Georgiou
MID: D. Beams, G. Abblett, J. Watson, J. Macrae, M. Barlow, T. Cotchin, J. Polec, D. Tyson, X. Ellis, H. Cunningham
RUC: T. Hickey, A. Sandilands, T. Derickx, D. Currie
FWD: D. Martin, M. LeCras, T. Mitchell, M. Pavlich, C. Wingard, J. Caddy, G. Rohan

For starters you can see I didn’t listen about Currie not getting a game. Fortunately I was proven wrong and he did get a few games in and it wasn’t until round 7 that I traded him out.

Best Selection from the Start:
From the start has been Kade Simpson. I have always been a fan of how he plays and the potential to score big has always been there. My reasoning was he was a proven defender and new gameplay should give him more run. This has turned out true with big scores of 145 and 143 in the bye weeks and and average of 102 with only one score under 80. For a defender, this is great.

Worst Trade:
I have used the 2 trades every week so far and there isn’t a lot of grief from the results…… so far. Bringing in Aylett and dumping Enright is probably my worst trade this season. In my defence, Enright was less than impressive and slightly injured and I was hoping for the cash boost. It never came.

Forced trades:
I have been fairly lucky with injuries as well with only a few forced trades such as LeCras (to Merret), Hickey (to Jacobs) and Barlow (to N.Jones). Going to Jacobs over Mumford is the big winner clearly. As all fantasy coaches recall, the week where the Mummy was a late withdrawal killed many scores. Why did I go Jacobs? It was basically because of the inconsistency of GWS.

Surprise rookie:
Langdon is looking more of a keeper each week. In fact he was my highest scoring defender last week with 87. Yes I rate him higher than Polec mainly because he is still in my team, hasn’t capped out in value, has DPP and doing a great job.

Best POD:
Nathan Jones was brought to cover the loss of Barlow. With Melbourne having some quality players now in the team, a coach that can get the best out of any player and the fact he has been a gun for many years but gets overlooked because he does play for Melbourne, Jones was going to play and reward me. And he did with scores of 93, 115 and 135 in the following weeks.

What does the team look like now?
As of the completion of round 12:
DEF: K. Simpson, D. Swallow, M. Hibberd, M. Jaesch, T. Langdon, M. Suckling, J. Bews, K. Aylett
MID: D. Beams, G. Abblett, J. Watson, J. Macrae, T. Rockliff, T. Cotchin, D. Swan, N. Fyfe, C. Shenton, Z. O’Brien
RUC: S. Jacobs, A. Sandilands, T. Derickx, F. Thurlow
FWD: D. Martin, B. Harvey, L. Dahlhaus, R. Gray, C. Wingard, T. Walker, S. Lloyd

What’s next?
Watson will go, obviously. I will be following my own advice and bring in A. Swallow. The extra $100K comes in handy, his BE is 74 so will go up. I do want to bring in either (or all) JPK, Barlow or Stevie J. With Stevie J’s BE at 154, what I am hoping is when his price bottoms out, it should be about the same time Swallow caps out and it could become a sideways trade.

Chopping Block
Cotchin is on the block (as was Macrae until the 139) and if it wasn’t for Watson getting injured, Cotchin was gone for Swallow. Gunston and Wingard will need to be upgraded before the finals as well. Sucking and Langdon will probably go as well eventually.
Injury free I was focusing on the backline to bring in a Bartel, McVeigh or Hanley but now this must wait.

Has my team worked so far this year?
Yes. I am currently ranked 1012th overall which is my best ranking in all the years I have been doing AFL Fantasy. I scored over 1700 in each of the bye weekends by sticking to my 8/10/12 plan, team is averaging 2017.92 and I am leading the OTS League. This does mean I am now in the panic and second guess my every trade from here on in phase of the season.

I told you to Swallow

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Have been saying to keep an eye on him for the last few weeks. Andrew Swallows pulls out a ton last weekend and now eveyone gets on board 😉
Even the Traders talk him up for a Watson to Swallow trade

aflfantasyRound 11 done and the Kneejerkers scrapped to 2066 due to late withdrawals, concussions, corked thighs and poor performances.
The big panic for a lot of coaches was the late withdrawal of Dane Swan just 90 mins before the Friday night match. I too went into a panic. After the week of debating, planning and reading, I thought my entire trading plan was going out the window.
Deep breaths later, I stuck to my guns and held Swan on the bench and had Hallahan take his spot on the field. Thats all good, he should be good for a score of 80. No he gets a 64 meanwhile my latest IN before the round of Shenton scores 83.
A question some are asking, what to do with Swan? Trade him out for a Barlow maybe? Hold on to him and hope the pig is back vs Melbourne this week? To make it tougher, Collingwood and Melbourne play on the Monday which means we wont know the teams until after lockout.
Rodney Eade has given his injury assessment stating Swan should play.
My plan is to hold him with my priority to strengthen the backline. But if you have more of a luxury trade this week, Barlow is a very good choice, averaging 106 over the last 3 rounds, and is priced nicely for a sideways trade.

How about the Swans? Wow, did not expect the 110 point drumming to the Cats on Thursday. They are playing exciting footy and very exciting Fantasy footy currently. Eight players over the 100 mark last week and eight players averaging over 100 in the last 3 weeks. Lets look at the 5 you must be watching.

Position  Price BE Round 11 L3 Rd Ave L5 Rd Ave Overall Ave
Josh P Jennedy MID  $            578,302 88 123 133.67 124 112.1
Craig Bird FWD / MID  $            449,313 29 131 117.33 108.8 87.88
Luke Parker FWD / MID  $            528,344 88 108 116 111 103.1
Kieren Jack MID  $            527,535 84 123 114.33 113 100.11
Lance Franklin FWD  $            435,357 48 113 111.33 97 84.78

As you can see, these 5 are hitting some great form and will be going up next week in price, some quite heftily. What other coaches say? Get on Parker straight away.
He is the number one forward of the fantasy comp. I had the chance to get him but I was concerned about his output now that Tippet and Franklin were finding their rhythm. The concern is still there. Normally you would take a score of 108 from a forward without hesitation but this was in a game where the Swans dominated by 110 points so should he have had more because of the huge attacking game? For the record, I picked up Harvey instead of Parker.
Franklin is on fire over the last 3-5 weeks (not including the Melbourne game of 41), his price is drool worthy and his BE makes it a decision you need to make straight away. But lets look at the Melbourne score, and the North Melbourne game and the GWS game. This is where Buddy can hurt but, you know what? All forwards will do this to you some weeks. Don’t worry about the sub par scores, get on Buddy. The price and form of the Swans makes him a must.
Craig Bird I’m not sold on. 131 last week vs the Cats makes him tempting, his price makes him tempting and his Dual Position makes him tempting and maybe its the crash of form last year that yells no, i’m just not sure. JPK you can’t go wrong and Jack is another good pick up for his price.

Last week I quickly spoke about Andrew Swallow. After his long term injury he has now played 3 games. Last week vs the Eagles he looked more comfortable and less rust in his legs. His hard ball gets are back, last week sometime too hard which did cost a couple of frees against. What I did highlight is his tackling side of the game. Previous 5 years he averages over 7 tackles a game. Let us have a look at him so far. Swallow started as a sub in his first game, rotated fairly regularly over his second and still spent more than normal time on the pine last week. It works out over the 3 games he has a TOG of 71.7%. This will increase as his return to fitness increases.
In this 71% TOG he has already accumulated 18 tackles (6 per game which is equal 18th in the AFL), averaging 8.3 contested possessions, 9.3 uncontested possessions and is increasing his Fanatsy score each week (62, 72 and 102).
Swallows original price tag was $512,00 and because of his slow ease into the game he has already dropped to $439,402 with a BE of 92. This means he will probabaly have 1 maybe 2 more price drops before he starts hitting his stride and averages the 100 mark.
Do we pick him up? Looking at round 13-14 to pick up a player, you should by then already have a very strong midfield with players averaging more than 100 but! If you still have a Nathan Jones type player, Swallow could be the $400k player to downgrade to. You know he will increase in value and output. North Melbourne has one of the easiest runs home and once he makes the extra cash, you could upgrade to a bigger pig. If you have a rookie topping out but you dont have enough for the full upgrade, maybe the extra $100K you need comes from Swallow. Or maybe you just want a cheaper option on the bench that you know will always perform.
What ever need you have for your team, keep an eye on Andrew Swallow.

Trades this week (remember its very early in week and teams not announced)
Langdon OUT –> McVeigh/Bartel IN
Wingard/Llyod OUT –> Cameron IN

aflfantasy Round 10 is complete, the final bye of the season is complete. Thank gosh for that.
The Kneejerkers had a mixture of results during the byes but overall I was quite happy.
I planned from the start of the season to have a 8/10/12 set up when round 8 arrived (first of the byes) and as tempting as some players got to pick up, I stuck to it. The results?
Round 8
OUT – Merret, Enright
IN – Robbie Gray, Kurt Aylet
Result: SCORE – 1738
Win in OTS League, Captain Fyfe with 260.

Round 9
OUT – Chapman, Polec
IN – Dane Swan, Taylor Walker
Result: SCORE – 1782
Loss in OTS League. Captain Ablett with 254

Round 10
OUT – Georgiou, Cunningham
IN – Matthew Jaensch, Jed Bews
Result: SCORE – 1747
Loss in OTS League. Captain Ablett with 156

As you can see, a very consistent score throughout the byes. Hindsight does make me question the Swan move but at the price he was, it was too hard to resist. Jaensch, I am happy to pick up and it does give me some cash in the bank but again, looking back and seeing I could have picked up Bartel (155 this week) does make me cry a little. But I have a plan and I am trying to stick to it. Bonus is my over rankings improved each week, after round 9 I did break into the top 2000 and after round 10 I improved again to currently sit at 1153.
What does the Kneejerkers look like after the byes and what is the plan?
Kneejerkers post bye
Well the plan from here is to strengthen the forward line. Maybe bring in a Dangerfield, Parker or Harvey and make Tex my bench cover. I am concerned about some of my almost premium mids though.
Macrae had a ripper start to the season but either he is getting tired or being tagged harder. With 4 weeks in a row of scores in the 80s, maybe it is time for him to depart. Nathan Jones was always going to be a brave POD and just before I cut him free, he scores 110 to stay in the team even with his bye but with two scores under 70 before that, alarm bells are ringing and then there is Swan. Was it a good move to bring in the traditional Fantasy pig? Or should i have spent extra coin for Pendlebury the new Fantasy pig?
This will be my debate but I think I will end up sticking with my plan for the Forwards and I probably will succumb to the need of having a North player so that would be Harvey.
Saying that, Andrew Swallow has now played 2 games under his belt after coming back from an Achilles injury. Scores of 62 and 72 were expected as he will be rusty since he hadn’t played since round 18 2013. This man is a sneaky premium midfielder and a tackling machine. In the last 5 years his tackling numbers have been 152, 183, 145, 164 and the short 2013 season still had 107 (that’s over 7 per game). He is already average over 4 tackles in just 2 games. He was priced at a premium of $512,000 but with limited time on the field he has already dropped by over $64,000 and still has a BE of 107. Next week North play West Coast at Patersons but after that, it maybe worth having a closer look in bringing him in for a Macrae or Jones.

This is dedicated to the brakers (yes its deliberately misspelled, all will become clear so calm down or you may be Things That Shit Me #3) of the world. In particular the “I’m going to keep the guy behind me guessing” brakers.

One of the things you learn when training for you driving licence is the fact that all other drivers are not mind readers. In fact, they live in a perfect world and if you decide to ruin their pleasant oblivious trip on the road, you will in fact experience the subtle message that is road rage.
So how do we avoid this interaction of minor cardiac arrest of other drivers? We give fair warning of our actions by using this little stick on the steering column that produces a hypnotic ticking noise on the inside of the car. But this little ticking noise does much more than keep the beat of the song running through you head. Your simple action of moving a small lever has now started your vehicle to communicate to the outside world with little amber lights. These wondrous lights turn on and off in beat with the ticking you experience on the inside of the car.
How does this magical light communicate with the world? Is it morse code perhaps? No, it is even more high tech then that. This flickering beacon of light, breaks down the language barriers and lets the world know that you intend to move the car in a different direction by honing the attention of the drivers around you to these small miracle bursts of colour. In fact you could say these flickering globes of gold are INDICATING your intentions.
The drivers are now mesmerized by this miracle universal indicator and in turn, prepare themselves for the upcoming event of your car turning in the same direction the yellow goodness are appearing on your car.

With this is mind, I draw attention to the people in the world that are causing chaos to the harmony of indicating. A simple request you may say.

Use your fking indicator before you brake. I am not a fking mind reader so when you suddenly brake while doing 80km or even 60km an hour, I tend to go “What the fk?” Hit my brakes harder than they need to be if I had prior warning and maybe even wonder, “Did something jump out in front?” or “is there something wrong?”.
Only to discover that no, a sinkhole has not suddenly appear to swallow us whole. In fact the driver is just a fking idiot and likes to play “surprise. I’m stopping to turn, hope your brakes are good”
The little flashing amber lights are called indicators for a reason. To indicate your intentions to allow other drivers around you to prepare and adapt to your actions, safely and without viens bursting from foreheads.

INDICATE then BRAKE It is not fking hard to do, you end up doing both of them anyway. But one way keeps the peace, the other encourages me buying a bullbar.

aflfantasy Round 6 is complete, round 7 is upon us and then it is the early season byes. This is where if you have been carefully planning since day dot, you find out if it was worth it, or its the time coaches start panicking about having no mid field in round 8 and of course there are the thoughts of ‘Sod it, I’ll tank a round”.
Question is, what is the best way to go about it?
Answer is…..fked if I know.
Let’s weigh up the the trade or tank options.
For a coach to plan for the byes, they need to take into account which players have a bye and in which round (yeah thanks captain obvious). The ideal team structure for the byes is to have a 8/10/12 line up. This means in round 8 you have 8 players on a bye, round 9 you have 10 and round 10 you have 12. This, of course, is the set up before the byes.
The idea behind this is so you can trade 2 players that have played and are about to have a bye to be trade for someone who has just had their bye.
Sounds simple and in theory it is. Usually it means sideways trading is involved and you need to prepare more than a week ahead. This tactic is the simplest way to have a full team every week during the byes.
BUT! This also means you could miss out in bringing fantasy guns when their price takes a drop. Dayne Swan is the immediate one that comes to mind. Swan, at the start of the season was the 2nd most expensive player in the league but with a really start his price dropped from $636,600 to the lowest point before last round, $537486. We all know he is a champion and he will bounce back. Scores of 145 and 122 prove that and his current price of $550,134 will only go up. You have to jump on him right?
Well most coaches would already have a mixture of Stevie J, Ablett, Beams, Pendlebury, Cotchin, J Selwood in their line up, that are already missing the round 8 because of the bye. You bring in Swan and you are basically surrendering the round 8 because, if you are a decent coach, you wouldn’t have anyone left to field.
You do need to remember though, you maybe relying on rookies, bench players and the like to fill the gaps during the byes. So maybe you are going to get low scores anyway because of these players or maybe these players, like Currie, will not play anyway?
This brings in the question, Do I suck it up and tank round 8 to make sure I get a fantasy pig at the lowest price he will be and then I will have very strong teams for rounds 9 and 10?
Tanking for the novices, is deliberately losing a match. In fantasy teams, it means having a lot of doughnuts on the field and surrendering your league match. It would also make your overall ranking take a massive hit. And this is the key point to which tactic you follow.
Taking a tanked round probably wont hurt you in your league because you would make up for it with big wins in the next two rounds. If you are going for the overall ranking and grand prize, you should be looking at posting your best score every week and couldn’t afford to tank.

For me, what am I doing. Well I started the season with the byes in mind. I planned to have as close to the 8/10/12 set up as possible but with injuries forcing a couple of things, I now sit at 10/8/12. Swan is so deliciously priced it is hard to not bring him in but that would be a tanking move as I would have 4 missing from the mids alone and a bench player that currently isn’t playing. And my Forward line does need some attention.
My current train of thought is to bring in Swan, take the hit and bring in N Riewoldt the following week (or after his bye) as he is the form forward but should take a price hit with last weeks performance providing a BE of 145. Of course if I do it next week, I leave a another hole in the round 10 bye. Decisions, decisions.